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FM13: Panathinaikos F.C. - Green Hell


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Welcome to the Football Manager 13 thread of Panathinaikos. Panathinaikos are a fan owned Greek team located in the heart of the national capital, Athens. Panathinaikos have won 20 Greek Championships and 17 Greek Cups, and are the the most successful Greek team in Europe, recording a runners up spot in the European Cup as well as two Semi Final appearances.

Why Panathinaikos?

"Panathinaikos isn't just a football club. It is an idea, a history, a tradition. It is more than just a team. Panathinaikos is all of us." - Gilberto Silva

The once proud club is now in a difficult rebuilding stage. After becoming fan owned in the summer, remove the previous corrupt ownership, the club has to slowly rebuild itself again on low finances. The club however has a strong reputation and good facilities to work of off. This represents the perfect challenge for a manager who wants to take a team from a mid-level European league with good history and build them into a regional super power. There's also the nice challenge of being the underdog and taking on the tyrannical Olympiakos, often accused of using their power and connections to sway things their way.

Read on for more information!

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Actually Panathinaikos is......

It was a classic British afternoon near the end of spring, the large auditorium of the university, the professor wanted to break the monotony of hour sessions made the following proposal, of course, to the delight of the audience: five students from different countries, would explain the office support which team and why should one support group.

The five "lucky" had already taken their seats next to the office and did start a Spaniard, a fan of Real Madrid. He spoke with pride of the city and the club's history with an emphasis on European heritage and the fact that it is POLYNIKI the European Champions Cup, with 9 victories, more than any other club in the old continent. Follow an Englishman, a native of Liverpool, a fan group of the same name, which in turn referred to the "city of the Beatles and reds" as he put in the accent also characteristic of Merseyside and a dose of English arrogance.

It was the turn of a German, fanatical supporter of Bayern Munich, who spoke with passion and arrogance, the undisputable master of German football, and the great difference in the domestic but also in European titles. An Italian, originally from Rome and a fan of Roma followed, saying that his team may not have won many awards but the pride of the 'Eternal City', and every title that celebrated ten times more than those of brilliant group of rich Italian north, the cities of which are lacking in beauty and historical heritage.

Last year was a Greek from Athens, Panathinaikos fans, who said:

"I listened carefully to friends, talking about their favorite teams and cities with passion and complacency, perhaps justified to some extent, do not kakizo. But I want to tell you about something higher, an idea so high, the thought of which every man, whatever property you have, and especially that of the fans, feel awe and grandeur. Madrid has important landmark and symbol - and correct me if I'm wrong-the Plaza Major, a square, the port of Liverpool, Munich is also a square Marienplatz and of course the beautiful Rome's Colosseum, arguably one artwork historical significance, but it still was basically a slaughterhouse slaves.

My own city, the place from which I come and whose sacred soil born Panathinaikos is a symbol of the Parthenon, the brightest monument of humanity, a symbol of intellectual and moral superiority, the city that gave birth to democracy and philosophy in the country that gave birth to the athletic ideal, bravery, the militancy, emulation and fair play. Panathinaikos, athletic and social child of this city, this country, was born from the need of people to continue to live a life worthy of being the descendants of the ancient Greeks and all the high ideals which they served and taught, offering ways to society and the world.

Panathinaikos are hundreds of titles are the souls of thousands of people who have served and glorified by various posts, either as athletes or other properties, are the countless social struggles and social dystheoriti offer, but above all Panathinaikos is the world and the power of giving love and dreams of ordinary people who are the heart and soul. High dreams, dreams of greatness and glory, dreams based on respect, dignity and power of the Greek soul.

There, a short distance from the Acropolis of Athens, at the foot of Lycabettus, beating heart of the biggest clubs in the world and will continue to ring as there are people who love him with all the power of their soul. Over and above all so my friends from every part of the world you come from, first we should support Panathinaikos ... "he said and went to the benches, feeling his heart pounding and flame to the Clover burns with the same intensity as the first time ... PANATHINAIKOS over all ...

Its from google translate sorry for grammar.

Parthenon is our PRIDE.

Wembley Champions Cup 1971 is our PRIDE.

The feeling of being so close to an another European Final (1984, 1996, 2002) is our PRIDE.

6 European Cups (1996,2000,2002,2007,2009, 2011) in the second most popular sport (basketball) is our PRIDE.

Vardinogianni go to hell.

Candre i wait for your analysis.:)

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Will edit the posts properly now. I think I will be starting my first Panathinaikos save now. Try and stabilise ship and get the club to a good level in 2-3 years.


That's a great great piece. Thanks for sharing. Panathinaikos is indeed born out of the heart and soul of Athens. :thup:

Have you started your save yet?

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