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HELP - Graphic Club Logos

Tom Laskowski

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For some reason, the files I have downloaded into the game, the badges have been replaced but gone generic with a metallic gloss.

What is the problem here, a dodgy config file?

I've downloaded the standard metallic logo mega pack from sortitoutsi.

It came in four parts and I've unzipped them and created a graphics folder within the documents.

Any help or explanation on why this is happening would be great?

The small icons metal gloss logos have worked fine but the normal logos have gone awry. :(

Thanks, Tom.

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I am finding the same issues, none of my customer graphcis are showing. I have ticked unticked all the right boxes, check m folder are corect in preferences and nothing. Everything worked fine in the Beta now that i have the full game everything has gone.

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Thanks for the advice! I had downloaded the packs in 6 folders and just left them as it is, just renaming them. I didn't know that there weren't any config files in some of thefolders. All I had to do was re-arrange the files together and now it works great. Hope this helps those who are still having any problems.

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