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[FM12] A Talentless Spaniard


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Hiya folks!

Some of you may know me from the Challenges, where I usually spend my time. I actually started this save with FM13 but the match report bug and the fact that the save crashed within two months (I'm playing on a Mac) just doesn't give me enough confidence to give it a go just yet.

A couple of things about me (which you've probably guessed by the title):

- I am not good at all at this. I don't remember the last time I won a trophy. I usually play lower leagues, and I did manage to get a Third Division team from Spain into the BBVA (on FM10, 11 and 12), but never managed to win anything with them.

- I go the distance. My saves are usually 20-30 years. That being said, I've never had a save that I've started on release week and that I've planned to have for the year, so who knows where I may end up on this one.

In terms of the save itself--I've loaded all of South America (all leagues from all countries besides Brazilian's only First Division) plus MLS and Mexico, and Spain, England, Germany and Italy's top leagues.

- I'm sure by now you know what the idea is--to start in South America, and make a name for myself there before I even get the chance to manage in Europe, if ever (since I've only loaded top divisions in Europe it will be really hard to get an offer from there). I'm a Spaniard based in Chicago, so another possibility would be to end up in MLS if I ever happen to win it all at domestic and continental level in South America (yeah right). I'll also be open to manage small nations--not likely to manage a top nation, but if I do, it will probably be one with ties (Spain, USA, or the country I'm in).

- I think that's all. I have no idea where the wind will take me, so I hope you find this interesting and don't mind scrolling down 20 pages of crap managing :)


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Cheers Duroliponte Velázquez! Let's hope this ends somewhat decently.


January 2012

- Peter Donobban starts his career in Perú. Asociación Civil Real Atlético Garcilaso S.A. (yes, all that is the name of the team, Real Garcillaso for short) is the club predicted to end the season dead last. The Peruvian division is not that famous outside of its borders, but inside, it has proven to be competitive and interesting(ish).

The format of the league, as far as I understand it:

- 30 matches. The top two go to a two-leg final to determine the league champion.

- The winner qualifies as the top seed for the Libertadores.

- The loser, as the second seed for the same tournament.

- The third Libertadores slot goes to the third place in the regular season.

- Positions 4th through 7th make it to the Sudamericana tournament.

- Bottom two are relegated.

I'm sure there'll be more surprises I don't know about but this is all I know so far. Some more info on the league:

- Universitario (25) and Alianza Lima (22) are the two clubs with the most league trophies, accounting for exactly half of all 94 editions of this league. Sporting Cristal has won 15 titles.

- 20 Peruvian clubs have won the league title at some point. Real Garcillaso is not one of them.

- The most valued player in the league is German Pacheco, argentinean from Karpatsy, on loan to Comercio ($1.9m).

At a continental level:

- 13th best league in South America (just below Brazil's Third Division and Argentina's Second Division).

- The league is 9th in the continent in terms of int'l tournament slots, with 3 to the Libertadores and 4 to the Sudamericana.

- Perú is actually doing quite well as a nation. Number 14 in the world ranking.

About Garcillaso:

- We haven't won a single trophy.

- $800k club value, 100 season ticket holders.

- Our key players:

- Gustavo Stagnaro - Young striker with lots of pace. 11 goals in 41 matches so far in his career.

- Julio Edson Uribe - AM - Decent AM with lots of experience in the first division, but having scores only six goals in 190 games as an AM is just crazy.

- Jhoel Herrera - Peruvian international defender who's also played in Poland. Very important to us.

- Our goal is survival. I'll try and implement a decent playing style with these kids, but I have no idea what to expect. I may very well end up playing direct football if things start out roughly.


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Attention--a crash later two months into it I'm playing with a Mac), I've decided to try this out in FM12. I just don't trust 13 enough to start a career yet, and even less with a Mac, it seems to be less sturdy.

FM12 it is--nothing has changed. The team is the same, leagues are the same. I've edited a few things but that's it.



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