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FM13 gone on steam since yesterday

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Its getting close to 5hours since I wanted to start playing when I woke up today. as I installed fm13 yesterday played a couple of hours then went to bed, woke up today clicked my fm13 icon on the desk, steam jumps up and tell me I can buy the game for 49.99€. I uninstalled it, and try to re-intall but then I got told my verfiy code has been used by another account even tho Im still on the account I installed on yesterday!.. this is getting really sad, as I know many has the same problem as me, and we can get to get an update on whats going on? what is wrong? will it be fixed soon? Its sad that I have parted with my cash only to get frustrated. This should been taken really serious as ALOT of players dont get to play the game they paid CASH to play! Hopefully someone, at some point soon can tell us what is going on! and if anyone knows what we can do to fix it, please TELL US!

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