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Midfield help please

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I am in a good position of having some good midfielders but don't know how to create the right formation to accommodate them all!

I was happy with Tiote,Blasi,Mournier,Juan Fran but recently purchased Jack Wilshire and Javier Pastore.

I like Wilshire alot but when I saw Pastore available for 7 million I could not resisist buying him aswell.

I lack top quality strikers,I have Cavenanagi,and Jay Rodriquez because I could not afford better and others could not adapt well.

So what should I do.I like 1 or two physical central midfielders with stamina and work rate but need to accommodate the others.

Help would be good,thankyou.

Also I have Ruiz and Chamberlain for the wings.

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SO.... you buy players you don't need and don't buy players you do need. Good job I'm not your chairman.

The obvious answer is sell some you don't need and buy some that you do need.

Failing that, you might want to try a solo striker formation or even a no striker formation 4-1-5-0 etc

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