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Creating Regens using a EDT file?

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Hi All,

I am looking for someone who can help me create an EDT file to create regens for FM13.

"FUTURE_REGEN" "" "Wobill Luman" "" "22.04.1992" "English" "Preston North End"

Is an example of what I have used so far.



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Excellent. What version are you playing on? Also what year did you set as their DoB? I haven't as yet hadnyone turn up in my game on FM13.

I think my current game is with the lastest update. as for year they are totally random. Ranging from 1984 to 1992, with totally random intake. Something to remember is that when you looking for them you have to type FACEINTHEGAME and not faceinthegame as it doesn't seem to work, you can obviously type in their name and that should bring them up.

It wont make it create favorable PA will it? I want to add myself, but only if it treats the intake as every other potential :p

PA is totally random, as is their age when they join, I found myself at 24 and a GK at a club, but I was awful and not work considering, however I found two of my other mates who have some potential but are long shots to really make it.

Is it a lottery as to how good the player will be?

As mentioned above it is totally random which adds realism to the game.

Something else to mention is that the player won't necessarily end up at his favoured club

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Is this still working with FM2014?

I have created a file and simulated for over 5 seasons but never found one of the wished player.

I tried to make different entries (text lines) to find out which of them will work, but noone is working.

"FUTURE_REGEN" "Test" "" "Spieler1" "1-1-1992" "English" "UE Santa Coloma"

"FUTURE_REGEN" "Test" "" "Spieler2" "1-1-1992" "English" "UE Santa Coloma"

"FUTURE_REGEN" "Test" "" "Spieler3" "1-1-1992" "English" 47000014

"FUTURE_REGEN" "Test" "" "Spieler4" "1-1-1992" "English" 47000014

"FUTURE_REGEN" "Test" "" "Spieler5" "1-1-1992" 11 47000014

"FUTURE_REGEN" "Test" "" "Spieler6" "1-1-1992" 11 "UE Santa Coloma"

"FUTURE_REGEN" "Test" "" "Spieler7" "1-1-1992" 11 ""

"FUTURE_REGEN" "Test" "" "Spieler8" "1-1-1992" 11 ""

"FUTURE_REGEN" "Test" "" "Spieler9" "1-1-1992" "" "UE Santa Coloma"

"FUTURE_REGEN" "Test" "" "Spieler10" "1-1-1992" "" ""

"FUTURE_REGEN" "Test" "" "Spieler11" "1-1-1992" "" ""

Is there something wrong? Or the better question: Is there a correct/working text line?

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I did it exactly like this guidance shows how to manage these entries: http://www.footballmanagerwiki.co.uk/index.php?title=Regen_Editing_-_How_to_add_your_own_regen

But i never get one of the entered players in the game...

@SI: If noone has an answer for that feature, please let us know that it is not supported anymore and close the thread...

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