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EURO Cup Group stages

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or if its just that I am missing something here.

So I am managing Spurs and we have played 4 games in the EURO Cup. After 4 games thre are three teams all on 7 points.

Bursaspor Played 4, Points 7 GD -1

Spurs Player 4, Poinrs 7 GD +3

Hannover Played 4, Points 7, GD +2

I am wondering why Bursaspor are top of the table with same points and a -1 GD compared to my +3 GD

Head to head you might add?

Well we beat them 3-0 at home and they beat us 0-1 at their place, so head to head is one win each.

So how come they are above us?

Rules say:

Results between teams - Well that cancels it out as we won 1 game each

Goal Difference - Well we are on +3 and they are on -1

Goal Scored - We scored 7,, they have scored 2

So how come they are top and we are second? :eek:

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When there are three teams tied (in this instance on 7 points), the standings are calculated by working out a mini-league between the three teams.

Therefore, both your and Bursaspor's results against Hannover are taken into consideration.

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