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Graphical representation of attributes (bar chart instead of numbers)

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Ever since SI introduced this to FM I've been using this feature. This year release though is the first time that I consider to switch back to numbers. Personally I think the graphical representation give me a better snapshot of players abailty across a set of attributes without getting too bog down to one of two specific. So when I compare two players, I get a better picture than compare the numbers.

The problem with this year's interface is that, the bars are quite a bit shorter compared to last year's version. Is there anyway that we can customise this so the bar can be stretches? I don't really want to re-skin the whole interface really. On the screen there is quite a bit of gap between the title of the attributes and the bar itself, so I don't see why there shouldn't be adjusted?

Anyone else who use attribute bars, or know how to adjust/customise this part of the interface?

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