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FM13 - The Ordinary Tactic - Home & Away - MUFC 91pts

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Not going to go into too much detail about these tactics, firstly because I used Manchester United and this is a test to see how they work with other teams, but secondly because they are very basic and easy to use and operate.

I use the 4-2-3-1 when i'm playing at home and I use the 4-4-1-1 when i'm playing away from home. The only shout I use is "Hassle Opponents", which I set before each game starts and I let my assistant take team talks before the game, use my own whilst the game is taking place. If i'm losing at home I switch to "Attacking" and if i'm losing or struggling to score when playing away I switch to "Control".

Using these tactics I won the Premier League with 91pts, conceding just 15 goals, went ten games without conceding and lost just one of my games against the big sides (I also managed to beat Man City 4-0 and Chelsea 5-1). I also made the semi finals of the Champions League (losing to Barcelona) and the final of the FA Cup (losing to Spurs).

The player types are obvious, so just find players capable of fulfilling each role.

I'm not guaranteeing success, i'm just asking people to give it a go and let me know what they think.

Here are the screenshots and a download link.

League Table


Fixtures & Results


Squad Overview


Home Tactic


Away Tactic



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Shauny1990, yeah, I always switch to the relevant tactic depending on whether I'm home or away. The odd time, if I was desperate, I would use the home when playing away, but if I managed to equalise or take the lead I made sure I reverted back to the away tactic because It's far more solid defensively and deals well with counter attacks.

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Loving it so far. Had a great start against quality opposition in my 2nd season with Liverpool after a poor 1st season.


Been putting it on control from the start in away games im not the favourite. Everything else just did what the OP said.

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I just beat Arsenal away 2-0. With IFK Norrköping (Swedish Premier Division, highest valued player is worth ~£1M), in the EURO Cup semi-final leg 1. Quite above and beyond what I expected; will return with more info after season three rolls to a halt.

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Having more success with this in my 2nd season with Monaco, I'm 3rd in Ligue 1 in my first season after promotion. Currently 18 games in. I hardly ever do the opposition instructions (because I keep forgetting) and I've changed the away tactic to control instead of standard.

I have to change my strikers role depending on who I start with. My main 2 strikers are Necid (Target Man) and Igboun (AF). Igboun has been the more prolific though.

I'm having far more success at home (8 wins from 9 with 1 defeat) than away (2 wins 2 draws and 5 defeats from 9) but it is my first season after promotion so can't complain.

I will stick with this for the season and see how it goes but may use the home tactic away against the smaller teams.

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