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New to FMO? Well yes I am via normal fm but..

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I think its fair to say the biggest difference for me is the difference in the online options.

Therefore I want to be clear on how it all works or appears to work.

Firstly there was FML which was amazing and a very gutting day when it ended. Then for fm11/12 yes there were network games but I just never got into it/understood it etc etc.

However biggest other extreme is now in fm13 where I thought I started a game on my own and then I didnt have a match and it said latest scores and thought but I want to continue. I then noticed that other managers had joined my game hence were playing, unbeliveable if I'm honest hence I didnt want that at all but then again...

My main point then is yes, there are clearly many more online options available and easy ones to play but are there any like FML?

i.e. rather than joining a game "in august" and just have to sit there and wait etc etc etc there is say a fixed length of REAL time of say 1,2 or 3 weeks or whatever and a season will run for that long.

So day 1 you get your team etc then do all your bits and bobs and say matchday 1 (or say matchday 1-5 or whatever) would be the next day etc etc etc. If your not available to play then your assistant /current team would play the match. Similar is true if opponent is not online. If you have a game where both players are on then yes you can play it.

For me this would be so ideal hence was wondering if there was a "gameworld/server" that runs like that rather than just adhoc seasons at the current time which yes may get completed in 12/24/48 hours or whatever but any individual woudlnt want to or unlikely to be on for that long.

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