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Creating leagues with the basic editor, please help


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I'm trying to create the structure for a few nations and expand a few others, using the competitions and leagues already set in the editor, through "add nation rules". I extended Uruguay to the 3rd tier and created Malta to the 2nd tier with no problems. I also added awards. However creating Algeria I have come across the following issues:



1. The "Top goalscorer" awards don't display the short name. This isn't a skin issue, happens in news items as well. The short name is ok in the editor.

2. Sometimes the awards go to players from Barcelona, Inter, Man Utd etc.

3. The "Past winners" tab displays only the last winner.

Any ideas? I created Algeria the same way as Uruguay and Malta, and it's the only giving me problems.

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The award name issue was present last year too. I had lots of issues with it but as far as I could see it was pretty random. Recreating the award helped but the longer my game went on the more names I lost!

I was hoping recreating from scratch this year would mean I MIGHT not have it, oh well :D

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I never got around the awards issue as it seemed to disappear on a test save now they're back on my career game. Nevertheless I want to share the files if anyone wants to use it, they seem stable enough.



- Uruguay extended to level 3

- Malta created to level 2

- Algeria created to level 3

- Iran created to level 3

- Ghana created to level 1

- Costa Rica created to level 2 (no Apertura/Clausura, massive 44 game season)

- awards for all these competitions

Use at your responsibility, if it ruins your game not my fault but I am using the files myself. They won't be incredibly realistic as I didn't go to very deep detail but should be entertaining.

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