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DoF and HoYD in FMC

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When I sacked my scout and looked for a better one my DoF suddenly did the scouting.

Before that I didn't notice my DoF doing anything.

Now what is the point of the DoF in FMC? I don't get it. Should I get him or a chief scout? Should I get a DoF and a Chief scout both?

And I don't notice the Head of Youth Development doing anything either, so what's the point of him in FMC?

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I have both.

My Director of Football handles all my outgoings/loaning out, and my scout just does the scouting (obviously).

My head of youth development looks after the youth players coming in the close season, and my assistant gives me feedback on my players. This allows me to have a Head of Youth Development more tailored towards youth players, and my assistant for helping me with my reports on my players and squad :)

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I don't get the HoYD.

I am exactly one year at my club and I never got new youth, I still got the same youth as last season, no new ones.

So at which dates do they come in actually?

I am managing Fortuna Sittard and my Training and Youth facilities are adequate.

EDIT: Oh they came now that I went a bit further in time. :)

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