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Under pressure

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I'm into November in my first season as the Spurs manager but I find myself 18th. The strange thing is I feel i am playing well. I am unbeaten in my last 5 games (3 wins, 2 draws) but I am at the bottom of the table as I have played only 11 league games whilst other teams have played 14 or 15 games?

I'm not sure why i have not had games every weekend? I just played Man United on a Friday night in November as well which i thought was strange - not many Premier league games play on Friday nights.

I am under pressure from the board but teams around me have played 4 more games (a total of 12 points.)

I hope I wont get sacked due to this?

Granted if I had played roughly the same amount of games and I was 18th then fair enough...

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this issue in their game.

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