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how can i improve my 442

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just wanted to know how i can improve my team more and keeping hold of the ball and not leting in to much ?

here is how i set out with man city

mind my spelling lol


richrads komponay subtic clichy

yaya silva

nasri bale

sa tevez/falco

i go with



more direct passing

more expressive freedom

closeing down press more

talcking more aggriessive

marking zonal

corssing float

roaming defalut

haveing not good results with this

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Dude, seriously, I know not everybody is good at typing or spelling but try and make it a bit more legible. Capitals at least would be helpful.

What exactly is the problem? Why are you letting in goals? How do the opposition score? Is there a consistent 'type' of goal you concede?

Why are you losing the ball? Not enough options for the ball carrier? Wayward passing? Shooting from too far out?

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Also: what442 formation are you using? Individual roles will be a key issue as well e.g Attacking Forward (set to attack).Deep Lying Forward (set to support) and so on. Do you also set specifics re defensive line, width and tempo, focus passing, counter attack and play offside.

I am having some success with my 442 after tweaking though I do tend to play either flat back 442 or attacking which can also be classified as 424.

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I use NUFC and players instructions are:

GK: (defender)

FBs: (automatic)

CDs (defend)

CM left (defend)

CM right (auto)

WM (attack)

Striker left (AF attack)

Striker right (DLF support)

I sometimes switch the CDs to cover and stopper depending on the opposition and against a stronger team drop the strategy to counter or even defensive and Philosophy from balanced to rigid. The above roles were gleaned from a player named Joohhny Karp so he gets the credit for this particualr set-up re players roles.

I have been reading the forums re types of 442 formations as I always use 442 and this setup seems to allows the players to really use their roles to their advantage. It is generally attacking and pressing and as long as I maintain my defense as outlined they appear to be well organised to deal with any incursions most of the time. It's early days yet so this may vary as I progress.

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Currently using these as my starter tactics:





More Direct

Press More

More Aggressive





Defensive line = normal

Width = normal

Tempo = normal

Focus = mixed

Counter = yes

As I said this is my starter against most teams. I tweak during the game as well depending on how it is panning out.

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what about creative freedom

also im seeing alot of shots for them and them haveing the ball 60-40 ?

CF =Default. I only alter this against easier opposition re early cup matches. NUFC unlike Man City does not have the luxury re quality of players apart from Ben Arfa of allowing too much CF.

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