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Balls to the back post.

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Has anyone found a way to stop the opposition from scoring from balls crossed to the back post?

it seems that every game the opposition bends a ball beautifully to an unmarked player on the back post.

would zonal marking help prevent this?

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The opposition haven't found a way to stop me scoring like that :)

Yep, full backs have got to do some defending. Is it a clear header they are getting at the back stick? Or are they just beating your chaps in the air?

A good cross to an attacker who attacks the cross is very difficult for a defender to deal with, particularly if the attacker is as strong/stronger in the air than them. The positioning of your defenders need to be good, as well as the physicals and determination to deal with aerial assault. Invariably attackers will be moving faster (running forward to the ball) so a cross from close(ish) to the byline means they get a good sight of it and should be able to jump higher than a largely static defender.

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I seem to be able to deal with these effectively, or rather let me re-iterate that, I have not conceded many of these yet.

I tend to play with FB's that have mixed forward runs and if I am facing a team that is playing with AML/R's then it's highly likely my FB's will be on RFD rare.

Like furious..... I can score these with a decent amount of frequency. I'm not sure if it is down to settings, but I play a flat 442 and ML has 'normal' width setting and my MR has 'cut inside'. I tend to find the right crosses to the left.... and Bale is pretty handy with his head!



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