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Tactical studying of my career

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Decided to start doing a bit more indepth analysis of my tactics and follow it with my career. Currently managing Brechin and in my second season after a dissapointing end to the first where I was beaten in the play-offs. Below is my current squad and I have around £2k in wage to work with:


I'm looking to create three tactics. One attacking that I'll use against weak teams at home and away and games that I should be winning. A second, more controlled tactic which will be seen to used to control games against teams similar to me and stronger teams at home. Finally, I want to create a third tactic that focuses on countering and catching the opposition off-guard. I'd only look to use this in the last 15-20 if we ahead or a man down but winning and sometimes against strong teams away.

If there's any input you can provide that'd be greatly appreciated. Hopefully I can learn something about tactics by doing this.

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