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Advice for best formation with my current players

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Hi guys,

I was wondering if i could ask your opinion on what formation i should play if i list the players that i want to play. I am Man Utd in my 4th season. So far have signed Modric, Gotze, Neymar and Leandro Damiao. This is how i usually line up:

GK: De Dea

RB: Rafaeal

LB: Evra

CB: Jones

CB: Smalling

MCL: Carrick

MCR: Cleverley

AML: Modric

AMR: Gotze

FCL: Neymar

FCR: Rooney

Subs: Valencia, Young, Damiao, Fletcher, Vidic, Lindegard, Hernandez

This may be the best way of lining up but i like include Young or Valencia or Damiao into the starting line up. Maybe some of you have suggestions for a more attacking formation or another that could allow more flexibility with the players i have available. Any ffedback will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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the thought of neymar, standing next to wayne rooney on the forward line just makes me giggle. There's nothing wrong with it but the sight of little wayne and his round little head next to neymar and that hair, just makes me chuckle.

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I'd be looking to pass the ball mostly but i equally like playing fast paced counter attacking. Either way i have to play attacking as i want to entertain my fans. Maybe a possession based tactic that draws the opposition out and then counter.

I know the thought of them together made me laugh as well. Loving the fact i have him tho, Neymar has scored 10 goals in 10 games so far!

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