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Unable to make substitutions or change tactics late in game when losing

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As the title says I was Unable to make substitutions or change tactics late in game when losing 2-1. This is not the 1st time it has happened so i'd thought I would ask if anyone else has the same problem.

I have uploaded the PKM as " will not let me change tactics 70 mins til end"

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This happened to me too...I was trying FMC.

Apparently there have been too many complaints that are not constructive enough for the moderators:

(a) It would be a good idea to sort out this bug...no I will not post this in the bugs forum (I don't care if it remains unfixed)

(b) If you tell lies in the video blogs or imply that existing features are new you will lose the trust of your regular customers (see my previous posts if you care about this).

© FMC just doesn't seem like Football Manager because you can't talk to the players. It's not for me.

(d) I want a game where I can get from match to match much more quickly. FM12 was bad enough but after a quick look menu navigation seems more difficult still in FM13 and the sheer unnecessary hassle factor of playing FM is making the game an unpleasant experience for me. Tiny buttons to aim your mouse at, blurry player names on the pitch and the lack of a dark skin just smack of incompetence in my opinion.

(e) One of your moderators is constantly rude to people. Obviously I can't tell you who this is because I'd be violating the new "personal attack" rule as stated by a different moderator.

(f) Regular posters on this site are FM's greatest fans. If they're getting annoyed...well there are other games that I like anyway.

(I hope this is constructive enough for the moderators)

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