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Training question (Teamwork/Team Cohesion)

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Is there any word yet on the difference between these two training styles?

I'm going to assume one of them helps with blending, but what does the other one do? And which is which?

I don't have my game open, but as one of them is in match preparation and one of them is a focus for training, would it be safe to assume the match prep one helps blending while the training focus would help accumulate stat points in Teamwork and perhaps other mental stats?

Would be great to get clarification from SI, but I'm sure one of the gurus could step in regarding :D

Thanks, Ryan.

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I remember that in old FMs the assistant manager had a screen where he told you if your team was still lacking cohesion, is there anywhere where I can find this information in FM13?

If you go to the assistant managers profile page, then his reports section and click the teamtalk feedback at the top of the page it tells you how well the team is blended.

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