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Cant Customise Database

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This is My first topic on here so please bare with me

I've just installed the FM2013 and now trying to load up a new game but when i select the leagues i want i cant edit the database i can only pick small medium or large, when i select the nations i want and click ok nothing happens and it goes back to large database

sorry if this has been talked about before i couldn't find anything in the search

thanks in advance


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nah when i start a game once i have selected the leagues i want and move to the next page i where you can select database size it has custom and when i click that and select the data i want (i.e what other players from other leagues countries or regons to load) once i have selected them all i click confirm. it goes back to the origonal screen but the data base is still on large not custom.

i cant get to load other players from leagues.

am on mac if this is the problem

thanks for the reply

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