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Can't load edited database

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After using the editor and saving your edit data.

You go into game and press new game and get this screen yes?:


The database is 13.0 .. and it should be.

Under that it says editor data files.. and a button saying 'Change' .. click that and add your editor data file that you saved.

That's how you add any changes, it doesn't create a whole new database.

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Ok there are two issues here:


when you edit something in the editor.. you get two options when saving..

You can create a new editor data file which is separate from the database.. which is what is normally done..

Or, you can overwrite the main default database, saving the changes you make...

I suspect you've done the latter, saving your changes to the main database.

This would mean when you go back into FM and start a new game, you probably don't get that screen i posted above as there are no files to choose to load in... you only have the default database (complete with your changes )

2nd :

Created players tend not to show up currently, it a bug. But changes to your database should show up.

I'd suggest loading a new game and checking to see if any changes can be seen, in as far as changes to your team that you made are concerned.

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i've made the changes, still no luck. Even though I've saved my changes and merged them in the editor, when i start the game the changes arent there. Even if I make the changes, save, log out of the editor, log back in the changes havent saved. Very annoying!!!

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ok, so I've reloaded the game. Go to edit the DB, saved as is and also "saved as" to create a new file, exit out of the editor, log back in and the changes I made (edited a name of an existing player)aren't there.

When i start a new game it doesnt give me the option to load a DB or choose one, it just loads the default and hasnt saved any of the changes I have made.

Anybody got any other ideas/tricks I can try?

Thanks heaps

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