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Old players and new contracs (possible bug)

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I have issues getting my older players to sign new contracts. I believe this might be a bug:

For instance - Valdés would not like to sign a new contract with me in Barcelona because he "didn't think the club could meet his demands".

He was currently earning £300k per week and was "Happy to stay at the club". I offered him £250k + £4m sign on fee (1 year contract). That was what the board allowed me to offer him.

After refusing my contract offers for 6 months, he decided to sign a £16k per week contract with Espanyol.

What exactly kind of demands did he have? They can't have been in regards to his personal economy for sure...

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  • SI Staff

Its either a bug or the player really wants first team football (as generally with older players once they stop playing thats it for their careeer) and doesn't think he'll get it with you ....

if you have a save at the start of this sequence I'd be interested in taking a look.

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Valdés played about 90% of the matches during the season where he decided not to renew his contract. It was rather annoying since it upset most of my players that he left.

Giving the upset players a new contract usually makes them happy again though...

Also this problem *always* occurs with Xavi too. It has happened in all the games I've played of FM Handheld 2012 where I've managed Barcelona (about 5).

Though he can't play as many games as Valdés when he gets older due to poor stamina and frequent injuries. Even if I let him play as many games as his health allows him to he decides to leave.

His assist rate is still sky high even if he's old so I'd like to keep him as long as possible.

I sort of found a workaround to the contract issue too by the way.

Releasing them and then offering them a contract when they were without a club made them change their minds.

However - the board didn't like me signing 35-year-olds too much. It also affected my "Youth policy" stats.

Unfortunately I don't have the save game anymore. I got annoyed at loosing Valdés and started over...

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