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It's All About The Money - Journeyman Career


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ze Premise

So for my FM13 game I've decided to do something a little different. Two things actually. The first difference is that I'm doing a career update thread, but I guess that was a little obvious. Secondly, I will be adding a rule to my game that I must follow. This rule is that my manager is one money-hungering S.O.B. and due to that will move clubs whenever he is offered a higher wage. He can still resign or wait until the end of his contract to move clubs but if offered a higher wage mid-season from another club he must move immediately.

Now I decided to randomize my managers nationalities as it's nice to have change and it turns out he's a Serbian-Colombian. Quite an odd pair, I agree, but maybe his parents were Colombian drug traffickers working for the Serbian Mafia at the time of his birth. I have no idea. Anyway, what matters is this will determine his starting nation as well as the nation of his favourite team.

So we find ourselves with Aleksander Ariza who is currently looking for a job in his native country of Serbia (he won't pay for a plane ticket anywhere else, stingy *******). Aleksander's favourite club is actually quite suiting as they are the top-flight Colombian team "Millonarios" ("Millionaires" in English).

ze Goals


  • Claim the Serbian top-flight league
  • Get offered a new job mid-season
  • Play in a continental competition


  • Claim the Colombian top-flight and Copa Libertadores with Millonarios
  • Become a Millonarios
  • Take jobs with Dundee Utd, Norwich and Ajax.


  • Win the World Cup
  • Win the Champions League
  • Become the richest football manager in history
  • Have a son

ze Playable Leagues

Total nations: 15

Total leagues: 39

Total players: 82000

England, Italy, Spain and Germany: The major powerhouse nations, feel like they're needed in every save.

Serbia and Colombia: The nations of my manager.

Scotland: Currently live in Dundee, would like to bring them to European football if possible.

Denmark, Netherlands and Romania: Wanted an extra Central European, Eastern European and Scandinavian nation.

Israel: A non-European nation that competes in the Champions League, interesting.

Argentina: Wanted a top South American league loaded that wasn't Brazil.

USA: The MLS has always interested me.

South Korea and Australia: Needed some Asian influence and who doesn't love Australian football?

I may add South Africa later on in the save if I ever feel like trying to win every continental competition.

That's all folks. Time to holiday to the 1st of January to get rid of the current job offers then time for some Serbian football!

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March 2013 - FK Mladost Lucani

So I holidayed to 01/01/13 to get rid of the starting job offers only to find that the Serbian leagues are a bit different. During the winter months of the year (December, January, February) they stop league matches altogether despite it being the middle of the season. This meant I was unable to find a job anywhere as no-one was being sacked. However as soon as March rolled in four managers were deprived of their jobs, giving me the chance to get Aleksander his first football manager job.

I was offered two jobs.


As you can probably tell by now, I accepted the Mladost post. Why? Simple reason. I had to.

Borac had everything. Better players, better finances and a better media prediction but they made one mistake. They didn't offer me high enough wages. They were only willing to go up to £350/week while I managed to squeeze out £450/week from Mladost.

Let's meet the team!


Just by looking at my Ass. Man's ratings I can tell that our defence is looking very lackluster and is the key area that I will be looking to improve and is probably the reason the previous manager failed.

Our key player is found up front in Striker Misdongarde Betolngar.


A good player for this level especially with a huge natural fitness of 19!

Only bad thing is that the previous manager didn't renew his contract and has decided he'll be joining Danish side Silkeborg IF come July.

And finally, the league.


As you can see we're currently sitting in 10th in the league with only 10 points separating us and 2nd place. Currently the board have set a goal for a top half finish which seems pretty likely to me however we could easily get lucky and take that 2nd place spot along with automatic promotion which is where the media predicted Mladost to finish at the start of the season.

Surprisingly enough Mladost won their last two games (one at home, one away) under the control of the Ass. Man which has put the squad in good morale.

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June 2013 - End of Season - FK Mladost Lucani


We started off at our first club going on a 6 game unbeaten streak. First drawing away at Vozdovac and then having a few mediocre games at home. Things picked up a bit with a 2-0 win against mid-table Indjija and a great 4-3 win away from home against Cukaricki. We then had a respectful 0-0 home draw against soon-to-be champions Bezanija and had to play my personal rivals, Borac, away from home. It looked like it was going to turn into a sure win for us but alas ended in another draw, this time 2-2. We hit a few speed bumps in our next 2 games, losing 0-1 against future 2nd place team Jedinstvo and a dreadful 1-4 lose at home versus Kolubara. The team then decided to step up their game a bit and make a push for a top-half position after having sat at 10th place for the majority of my time in-charge. Fortunately 4 of our 5 games left were against teams that were soon to be relegated and we managed to take away 12 points. We should of taken away another 3 but somehow managed to draw at home against Radnicki even though we completely dominated the match.


As you can see, we finished 8th. Not ultimately what I was hoping for but higher than the 10th place we had when I joined.

Borac, the other team I was given the choice of joining, ended up finishing 4th.

With the season now over we will be saying goodbye to Misdongarde Betolngar who scored 18 goals in 26 games and a few of the more veteran players of the team that are retiring.

It's too soon to say but the board seems pleased with my progress so far and it looks like I'll be at Mladost for at least another year.

Season Club League Finish Notes
2012/13 FK Mladost Lucani Prva Liga Srbija 8th Took over mid-season in March 2013

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