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Slider tutorial??

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Are there any tutorials on using the sliders in the tactics section of the game? It might sound stupid but I've never gotten the hang of them, so when I'm making new tactics in the game I set the style, strategy and then the overall team instructions; i.e. short passing, more expressive, but I've never been great at figuring out what to set the individual sliders to get the players doing what I want.

I know a moderator had something like that during last years game where they were showing how they did it with Athletic Bilbao and had pictures of where their players would run, when they moved the sliders around, but I can't remember what thread it was in.

Any help would be great

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It was Bilbao, only because they mentioned Llorente and Muniain. but I could be mistaken about it having been a mod. It was one of the few that went in depth about how the sliders would change the how the player acted on the pitch, and talked about how you'd get the defensive mid to stay back with your center backs when everyone else attacked.

It's not going be the end of the world if it can't be found haha, like I said, I just remember it being one of the better tutorials for people when they were trying to get used to the sliders instead of just setting overall team instructions

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These are the only Bilbao releated threads/posts posted in here for 2 and a half years, so if its not one of these then I have no idea sorry :(

How I Beat Athletic Bilbao - A Guide For In-Game Tactics

Combining Multiple Playstyles - A Tactical Experiment

The FM 41221 (433 - 451 - WoW)

Building The Squad

Millsinho's Slider Apathy

Meet The System

Plus there doesn't seem to be a thread along the lines of what you've mentioned in any of the important thread links for past 2 years either. Which I'm fairly certain it would have been. I can only find 2 threads that talk about creating tactics and the sliders and I linked one above and the other is one I did.

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I'd done a few searches myself before making this thread, and couldn't figure out where it was either. Annoyingly I did have it bookmarked but my computer needed to have a system restore done to it, and obviously it was lost after that.

'Meet The System' seems to be the closest one to the original thread that I remember, so again thanks Cleon

It'll end up having been your thread now :lol:

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