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Jammy or Genius? 4-1-2-2-1 DIY Tactic(CL Qualification with West Ham 1st Season)

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This carries on from my earlier thread about making your own simple but effective tactics from those provided by the game when you start.

This is my own simple version, with nary a tweak but for strategy to "Control", GK distribution(def collect) and Long Shots disabled



1st Season Final Table


2nd Season So Far


No player purchases in Season 1

Only given £6M in Season 2 despite qualifying for CL


Start every game with the tactic(i also use the "work ball into box shout, although long shots are already disabled throughout)

Use Ass Man OI instructions(but remove any "hard tackling" to prevent a lot of red cards

Don't use a pre-match team talk(once or twice a season a "no pressure" talk will work)

At half time let the team have it if they have played particularly poorly, on the same note let them know if they have played particularly well

If you need a goal(s) change strategy to "Overload" and use the following shouts

Get Ball Forward

Pump Ball Into Box

Hit Early Crosses

Play Wider

Push Higher Up

Pass Into Space

Get Stuck In

Take More Risks

If you need to shut up shop change strategy to "Contain" and use the following shouts

Retain Possession

Pass To Feet

Take A Breather

Play Narrower

Drop Deeper

Stay On Feet

Play Even Safer

These have worked a treat for me, i've come back from two goals down more than once and the shut up shop has saved me any number of points.

This is basically a "Plug and Play" tactic because you always start with the same one, but you really have to watch the second half of games carefully and use the two other tactics if and when needed.

I would like at some point to devise a "Counter Attack" version which can still hold onto leads, but also offers a good chance of scoring again on the break(i'll post it if i manage to come up with it?)

So that's it, FM finally came with some solid "in game" tactics, now anyone really can make their own AND have success.

I gave this a quick go with Man City and couldn't stop scoring, whilst barely conceding and i barely needed the SUS and Overload versions.

I'll be trying it with the likes of Reading and Norwich next, although i might have to use a different formation?

Last word on players, i used this with some very poor West Ham players(especially fullbacks) so all i can say really is the better the player the better you will do and remember, if the 4-1-2-2-1 doesn't fit your squad, just use another in game formation, make the same tweaks i mentioned above and Bob's your uncle(he really is mine :p)




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Hi there mate, I see nobody has even tried your tactic. Have you had continued success with it?

Absolutely, had a bad run which made me re-think things a little, i have now added some pre-match shouts that have improved the defensive side of the tactic somehow?

About to start a save(test) with Reading(predicted 20th)

Will post how things are going after 10-12 league games.

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@geordiebird - what pre-match shout that you use? This tactic work wonder at home, but not so good away.

I've been testing some pre-match shouts and they are working really well, so forget the "work ball into box" shout i mention in the first post and try these instead.

Get Ball Forward

Pass Into Space

Hit Early Crosses

Pump Ball Into Box

Hassle Opponents

Use these pre-game shouts both home and away and let me know how it goes please?

Who are you playing as?

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@geordiebird - playing as Man Utd. I'm not using this tactic though, but using your tips to create 442 and 4411.

Regarding the shouts, I'll give it a try

Cheers, let me know how it goes :thup:

I just played the 1st season with Reading and finished 7th which i thought was very good, going to have 1 more season with them to see if i can do even better.

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If you have to use a load of shouts pre-match for the tactic to work, the tactic doesn't work.

I don't think that is very fair. I think "shouts" used pre-match should be renamed something else, or built in as a more options as part of the TC.

At the moment you have a negative, neutral and positive (ish) choice for a limited number of options. It would be nice if this was expanded to include some of the shout ideas such as more dribbling, even shorter passing, more through balls etc.

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Started using this tactic for Stoke in December (first season). First five games 0-3-2. But after that I won 11 of the next 14 games. Stoke finished 6th in the end. For the first games I used no pre-match team talks. But after I started to give pre-match team talks results improved a lot. I have stopped doing "shouts" during matches as well.

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If you have to use a load of shouts pre-match for the tactic to work, the tactic doesn't work.

I think what he means is that shouts are nothing more than slider tweaks, so instead of using a lot of shouts before each match you could just incorporate those shouts directly into the tactic.

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How are people getting on with this? Just about to try a go using this myself with the hammers

It worked great for me first season in two saves, but for some reason second season syndrome always kicks in???

I'm now using Ady's "return of the king" 4-4-2 and its been superb!

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