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FM 2012 or FM 2013

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I'm struggling to find the will to play this game, think fm2013 is awful

Does anyone else hate what they've done to the match day screen (especially the overview page) just full of clutter. Used to play FM because it was sleek and proffesional looking, now its like something you would get on a playstation..

2012 by a mile!

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Hi all,

I haven't been into FM, was hopelessly addicted to Champ Man (addicted to the point where it might have been healthier if I was hooked on crack) and after seeing FM 2012 and 2013 I want to dip back into it.

What would you recommend out of FM 2012 or 2013 for match engine and realism??


In that case I would recommend you Football Manager 2013.

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If you have FM10 or 07, stick with one of those for now. If you don't have either:

a) Get 12.

b) Wait until 13's latest patch, then buy 13.

c) Wait for FM14, where everything FM13 has will be properly refined and polished.

FM13 is not bad in any case, if that's what my reply seems to imply. It's just that it brought a lot of new things and a whole new ME in, thus it lacks a lot of polish. Pretty much what FM11 did and ended up not being that good compared to 10. (for me at least.)

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