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Signing players

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How do you go about it?

Do you always go with what your scout says?

Do you go through all the lists like Transfer Listed, Loans or on a free til the right players pops up after you've scouted him?

Coz I'm lost I don't know what to do, I go through my scouts they aint good enough so then it takes about 6 days out of a week trying to find about 8 or 9 players I need.

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The more and better scouts you have the more players turn up in the player search screen. I use that player search screen with the filters maxed out to what I think is the team's level, and then scout those 6-7 players to pick up things like injury proneness or big match nervy etc. Then it comes down to price.

Everything with 5 stars goes on to my shortlist regardless, because you never know....

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