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FM13: Tibor Čiča - Swedish-Croatian midfield magician.


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Tibor Čiča


Name: Tibor Čiča

Nationality: Croatian and swedish

Position: Midfielder (Centre) / M (RL)

Starting Club: NK Zagreb (on loan from Cesena)

Age at the start of the game: 18

Value: £16k

Price tag: Can be snapped up on a free transfer from 31.12.2012

Real life information: In 2009 this guy participated in a swedish documentary named "In Zlatans footsteps", a competition aiming at finding the most talented young player of the Malmö region (where Zlatan grew up). He won the competition. At this time Tibor Čiča played for Malmö FF but in february 2011 he was snapped up by Cesena - the club from which he is now loaned to NK Zagreb.

At youth level Tibor Čiča has chosen to represent Croatia.

At the start (When on loan at NK Zagreb):


In january 2015 (Developed at danish club Brøndby IF): 35ivcc6.png

I must admit, I am not sure whether he's got random stats, and I do not know his CA and PA. Maybe some nice fellow wants to check?

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I signed him at the end of the first season on a free, starting the third season now. A year younger and slightly worse stats than your screenshot but a much higher value.

Looks great for you as well. And yeah, I don't know what's going on with his value on my save.. The value of all my players seem to have completely stagnated.

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