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Idea for helping introduce new players to the game

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Hello all. I had an idea for how to make understanding FM easier for new/struggling players. Probably someone has thought of it before, but I'll put it out there for discussion anyways.

My idea is that when you start your career, you have a checkbox asking if you want an Elite Assistant Manager to work with you. This AM will have maxed (or close to) stats, and will always go with you to whichever job you end up taking for whatever wage that club will play. He will never be poached by other clubs either. Then, whenever you are stuck (say if your 1-0 at Old Trafford with 15 mins to go), you can turn to your AM & ask for advice. He can then set the tactics he would use, or teamtalk etc.., and the player can use it, learn from it or ignore it.

Obviously it could make the game a bit easy, but it is up to the player how much or how little they wish to use him, if at all. The Ass Man may not always be right either. But from my perspective I would be interested to see how the game handles certain scenarios


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