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[FMC] Respond to transfer Bid

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Dont know if anyones had this before and whether theres a fix for it.

But ive had an offer for my player, which when it was made i didnt realise at the time and a week later its come back to say i must repond to the offer. Ive gone the the transfer centre and theres no offer there for my player.

Theres nothing to reject or accept. The game wont let me continue and move forward until ive responded. Is there anyway around this? Ive tried letter the B manager deal with it, but it still wont let me continue.



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Have you tried to sell the player using your Director of Football? And then maybe removing the player from the unwanted list?

I've had several problems using the DoF.

My latest problem was I tried to sell a player for ~25% less than his value using my DoF. No offers were made. I then offered him out for ~50 less than his value. Some clubs made some offers for him but they were all rejected by my DoF... I then removed the player from the unwanted list and offered him out again. This time I had no problems selling the player.

So maybe at some point your DoF has been involved?

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