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[FM13] Big Club to Small Club Challenge

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Back for FM10, there was a challenge that required you to get an EPL club relegated. I, among others, had a little bit of fun doing something different.

I tried to revive it late into FM12's run, but got no interest.

I now give you the FM13 version!

Credit goes to Egon Petri, who created the original.

The rules will remain the same, mostly:

Database: As large as you like in terms of players, must be England-only, down to BSN/BSS. Other countries just don't go down far enough, sorry.

Game mode: You must play this on 'full' mode. Not FM Classic.

Squad rules

The We're all professionals here Rule - You cannot just sign grayed-out players from a level 9 reserve squad. You have to sign someone who actually wants to play real football for money.

The No generous to a fault Rule - You want to give away all your stars? Well, you can only offer them out for their full value. If the AI comes sniffing around with a low-ball offer, you are free to accept it, but otherwise you have to ask AT LEAST full value. If no one wants to pay that much for your best player, you're stuck with him.

The We don't give handouts Rule - You can't dodge the above rule by loaning out your best players. You may only loan out if the offer includes a fee, coupled with a future fee that allows a full value sale. (You can loan in, but why would you want to?)

The Age before Beauty Rule - No, you can't just sign a gaggle of 47 year old strikers to 10 year contracts and watch your team decline. As a matter of fact, you may only sign one player over the age of 33 per season. If you're taking the team down, you want to do it with players in their prime.

The Child Labour Law Rule - Similar to above, you can't just put your youth players out there. Only 2 players on youth contracts are allowed on the senior squad at any time.

The Everybody gets a turn Rule - So, you can't give your star away, and the AI doesn't want to pay for him. Sorry - every senior player under contract has to start at least one league match a season. Makes for an interesting decision - start Rooney early in the year, or hope you can dump him in the January transfer window?

The We may not have quality, but we have volume Rule - You can't just start every match with 10 men and an empty bench. You need to field a full team and bench for every league match.

The Jobs are hard to come by these days Rule - If^H^HWhen you get canned for poor performance, you might be tempted to add yourself as a new manager and continue your quest. This is fine, but you can't do this until the post season squad break. You'll need to live with any moves the interim management makes while you're gone. (Hint - to stick around longer, you might want to see how well you can do in the cups, etc. Think how much fun it would be to play in Europe while you're in the BSP! And give yourself a lower rep - the board might be a little more patient. Of course, finances should be great, since you won't be buying anyone worth anything).

It's Your Tactics!

Of course, to be the biggest loser, you'll need some pretty awful tactics. And you're free to be creative, within these guidelines.

The Funny Shirt Rule - You need to play an actual GK in goal. No outfield players in goal (unless you have no GK on your bench and your regular keeper is sent off). Sorry, but this one is just too obvious.

The Well my scout said he was competent Rule - You can only play someone in a position when they are listed as Competent or better. Of course, "Competent" is a relative term. But still, you need to play someone in a position they're trained for; not just move them anywhere you want.

The No 0-0-10 Rule - It's kind of hard to defend with all forwards, and hard to score when you play all defenders. You must have at least THREE players in defence, and at least THREE in midfield. DMs count as midfielders for this rule.

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