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FM Lan party - need tech advice

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Hi guys

Thx for listening.

Im a going to host a FM Party next month, for 10-12 players. We are going to be together on same network, but i need to have som info about techs.

1: How neccesary is it for the host computer to be strong? And what do you belivie is the minimum specs for the hosts computer?

2: Now I see the missing function to be offline and playing. Will that mean, that every 10-12 player have to down-/upload constant to Steam, or will the game see, that we are on same network?

Thx for reply, and sorry for my bad english.

Happy FM'ing

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I'm no expert on this but I have seen some information in other threads suggesting that play over a standalone LAN is not possible. The host server needs to be known to Steam, as do all the clients so all participants will need to be internet-connected.

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