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Spanish League system extensions for FM13

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A) Spanish Activated

What is it?

The FM13 existings leagues below Second B made playable in different degrees of realism by game limitations.

It is a zip with two versions of the database: compressed dbc and uncompressed xml, to account for the chance of some having trouble with one or the other.


Extract the version you want to use, compressed or uncompressed (only one needed) into C:\Users\user_name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\editor data\ for Vista/7/8?

C:\Documents and settings\user_name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\editor data\ for XP and older.

Or the folder you chose if you changed it. Or the equivalent in Mac.


When creating a new game, a pop up window will ask you for database to use, in the bottom right there's a checkbox, tick it and then you'll be sent to a window with a list of the databases you have in the corresponding folder. If you extracted both dbc and xml, both will show, tick one of them (NOT both) and any other database you may want to use, press next and that's it.


Unfortunately, the database wrongly states, when one sets for adding new divisions, that Second B groups are forced to 20 teams. However, Second B3 contains, as it should, 21 teams. That causes the editor to report an error and the game to do likewise. Being as rebuilding from scratch implies some changes that I'm not sure how they'd work, what I've had to do in order to release this database is to move Yeclano down to Tercera, group 6. I chose Yeclano because it's currently the bottom team in B3 and Tercera Group 6 because it was the least populated.

Tercera is 18 groups. Top four enter an unique cup system of two one-legged play offs for the 18 promotion spots. Bottom four are relegated to Preferente level.

Due to the incompatibility with FM12 databases from the new club roles added, teams as well as leagues fail to be imported, which means all the work I had to set the groups to which each team would belong at each level has been lost. Therefore, when promoting and relegation, except for an undetermined proportion, the teams won't be directed to the groups they belong to. That is the reason why I've changed the Preferente groups from their original and right names (though it's missing some groups) that identify the region they belong to, to a mere numbered list of groups from 1 to 36. As it happens here appears a problem: when looking for a team in the choose one to manage, the list of groups if not ordered, but since the group order corresponds to the unique IDs, I don't know how to get the list to be right, so you'll have to work through it.

Changing names was not the only change, the other thing I did was to redistribute the teams so the groups will be as uniform as possible, choosing to make them 30 groups of 12 teams and 6 of 10. At this level I've made the league to have two rounds, on account of the small amount of teams.

At the end of the season, the top team of each group is promoted to Tercera, and the second and third of each group will enter an unique cup promotion system of a single one legged round to decide the other 36 promotion places. No relegations.

Note that filial teams must be at least one level below their main, so the B has to be below the A, the C below the B and so on. If one parent team was in the league above and gets relegated, the last relegation of the one league will move to its filial if it's in that level. If Team A was in Second B3 and Team B was 13th in Third 15 with 20 teams, and Team A is relegated, the 17th of Third 15 will not be relegated but Team B will be instead.

Future plans

My intention is to start at a calm pace, one division per day, to remake the team assignment of divisions at each level and eventually recreation of the Preferente level, with the needed changes to keep it to 36 groups (merging Ceuta, Melilla, Ibiza and Extremadura 3 groups with others). But that will take at least two months.

Link #1

Link #2

B) Spanish Complete

As in the end of the description, my plan to make the complete as real as the editor allows. I have begun the work, I'm about 8/72 divisions/groups done. I'm taking it calmly, because I want to play FM13, so it will be up to two months, though I hope with some groups of Preferentes that have a good amount of teams there'll be some days that I'll make more than two groups in a day. And the groups outside Preferentes should be quicker to get through, as Honor (12 planned) will not see creation of new teams and Tercera and up will just be setting the regional levels for each club. So, it can be closer to three weeks than two months. But I make no promises about speed with the Complete version.

This version shall be like the one for FM12: down to Tercera with the difference from reality of play offs, that can't be made as in reality; Preferente will see a few groups merged (Ceuta and Melilla with Andalucía groups, Ibiza with Menorca, Extremadura 3 with the other two of Extremadura and La Rioja's) and relegation will depend on how many Honor groups (I'll try to make them 12, as I'm working assuming it will be 12, but they can be like I've done Preferentes in the Activated, groups of few teams and four rounds). There won't be a level below Honor unless amount of teams to place below Preferentes is greater than 264, if there is, the level below won't have regional allocation.

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Spanish Complete was uploaded. Link: This (FM-Base) and this (Mediafire)

What is it?

A custom database that activates Tercera División (fourth level) and adds the one below as close to reality as it can be done plus two more levels that are fictitious to make selectable all Spanish teams that are present in the FM13 database but have no league assigned.


The zip contains two files, you need only one of them: one is the uncompressed xml file and the other the compressed dbc. I bundle both to account for anyone who might experience trouble with one of those kinds of database.

Extract your choice in C:/Users/user_name/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/editor data for Vista/7. (8?)

C:/Documents and settings/user_name/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/editor data in Windows XP and previous.


Create a new career game, a popup will show that has in the bottom right a check box that reads "change database" (or something along those lines). Check it. Then you'll be send to a screen with a list of the databases you've got in your editor data folder, check the file (the dbc or the xml, never both), check any other database you want to add and press continue.


Not having an update to the database, the bug that sets Segunda B to require 20 teams, no more and no less, when B3 has 21 is still in effect and I have not seen a way around it. Therefore, Yeclano, which is the last placed at the moment I decided, has been moved down to Tercera. Unlike in the Activated version, I've not moved it into the least populated group, but into the one that it belongs to per its location: Tercera 13, Murcia.

Tercera (fourth level): as in previous versions, bottom four are relegated to Preferente level. Top four of each groups enter a unique promotion cup play off, single leg, to choose the 18 teams that will move to Segunda B. As always, the promotion can't be made to work along the complex lines it follows in reality. 16-22 teams. Teams have been corrected, there were seven that didn't belong, one of which is extinct; they were replaced with the seven that should have been in their place, out of which three or four had to be created.

Preferentes (fifth level): 36 groups that are allocated to regions. They've been filled with the teams that actually belong to them, creating the ones that were needed (quite a lot). The bottom team of each group is relegated, no more because otherwise there would be too many promotions from the lower level. Top team is promoted to Tercera, the next four of each group enter a one round one leg play off to fill the remaining 36 promotion spots. In reality there are 39 groups, but the way FM works it needs to be a multiple of 18, which is the number of groups of Tercera, so Menorca and Ibiza and Formentera were merged, as were Ceuta and Melilla. The third group for Extremadura was removed and its teams moved to the other two Extremadura groups and La Rioja. 16-22 teams

Divisiones de Honor (sixth level): First of the fiction levels. 12 groups still allocated by regions. Top two teams are promoted to Preferentes, 3rd-6th of each group enter a two round, one leg play off to decide the remaining 12 spots. Bottom team is relegated. Again only one relegation per group to avoid making too many teams promote from the level below. 20 teams

Divisiones Provinciales (seventh level): Three groups. Top two promoted, 3rd-6th enter a single cup play off system, one leg, one round, to choose the last six promotion places. No relegations.

In the tests I've found that apparently the assignment to groups by region doesn't work right as I've seen in second season a team promoted to Preferente from Honor that belongs to Castilla y León Gr A in Catalana Gr 1, despite the fact Castilla y León Gr A isn't filled with teams that belong there, in fact it has at least one that belongs to Catalana Gr 1. Nothing I can do about that, since I checked and the team had the regional divisions set right. Same with the others I saw that weren't in the right place.

Creation of teams: If it was a B team, I duplicated the main, changed its reputation to 1/10th or 1/4th depending on how high or low it was, set the main stadium to the one the A has as secondary or to none. I set long name, short name, only occasionally nickname, year of foundation, city, regional divisions. I set year of foundation and first kit as a page that told them of each team reported when it reported it (towards the end I found many teams that the page didn't had any info), only when the first kit is white shirt and shorts I did create an away kit. I checked for text readability of the teams in Preferente level. I decided to set the attendance, maximum and minimum fields because if the defaults would be applied they'd be way high for the level. When I had a stadium capacity I set minimum to around 10% that, attendance to 40-50% that and maximum to that. When I didn't have that but had number of subscriptors I used that as the 80% or so the attendance and set the minimum to 20-30% that and maximum to 200-250% that. The stadium capacity when found was also used to set reputation (10%-25% depending on how high it is and how would it compare to the values used for others of the group that had no info, i.e. if no info were 150 and with info was 1000, I would say having info in the page means it's better known, so 10% would not be right).

There's a lot of San José teams, more than one A.D. San José, one could propose a challenge to get Liga BBVA to be filled with San Josés only. Not the only team name that repeats, so if you see two teams with same name, it doesn't necessarily mean I got one duplicated.

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