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[FM13] Thai League System

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2013 format (Players DB is not updated)




Thai Premier League

Thai Division 1 Football League

Thai Division 2 Football League (6 Sub Division)


FA Cup

League Cup

Kor Royal Cup

[Fixtures Rules]

The rule of "AFC 3+1" was set.

Division 2 Promotion Stage (12 Team 2 Group 4 Promotion)

[screen Shot]

Thai Premier League


Fixtures Rules


Division 2 C&W


Division 2 Promotion Stage


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Good Work ;)

You created this db with advanced editor, i suppose: where did you find it, please?

SI refused to support advanced editor but they make almost all competitions in it. am i crazy or what? :D

Please, stop trying to get other people's download thread closed. This thread and forum is not the place for this discussion.

It's not fair to hijack other peoples threads with a subject that is not permitted on the forum. So let us stop now before the thread is closed.

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