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what to do about nervous players

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I think there's a few things that may cause it. Like DrizzitD says it might be how well he fits into the team, be that mentality or being a new signing, or if there is another external issues, like he is unhappy with the contract, has low adaptability or he himself or the team is under/over-performing and that is causing him to feel pressured.

I find it helps a bit to say 'you have faith' and 'no pressure' during team talks. The 'calm down' individual talk should only be used for high aggression players on yellow cards.

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The type of player that becomes nervous:

Players with a low Pressure hidden stat

Players with low Determination

Players with low morale

Young players

New players

They tend to become nervous in these circumstances (even if they don't tick of on the above list):

The pressure from media is high (favourites)

The team is under pressure on the pitch

They play poorly for some reason other than being nervous

The pressure from media is low (underdogs)

Big match/rival derby

Narrow lead towards the end of the match (unlike FM12)

The manager has no faith in them (too low-pressure team talk)

The manager is a n00b (low reputation/new at the club)

The manager demands too much of them (too high-pressure team talk)

And last but not least, a new (suspected) feature of FM13; "the manager's current tactic is too attacking I want a more defensive approach!" - I would have liked to receive confirmation on this one.

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