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[FM13] British Virgin Islands + CFU Championship

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Enclosed is this seasons BVI League with the new league format as close as possible. However if/when more information comes out then it may be updated once more. It includes the two cups that are played each season at the start of the season. Accurate prize Money is in there also where possible.


Slight liberties have been taken.

1. I have made all the teams semi-pro

2. Have added managers where known, but no attributes have been added. Age/D.O.B where known only.

If an accurate amateur league is wanted then I can upload one.

I've also included a CFU Championship.

It's as accurate as can be made because the amount of entrants varies every season. This is because some nations don't want to send teams to play in it as there is no prize money to be won. I have added small amounts of prize money and made it a 32 team competition which would be about accurate if everyone entered. I have tried to make seedings correct where possible, but again that changes each season depending on who is in it.


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