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I'm an addict when it comes to tactics in the FM series and am always trying to watch my players on the field to see what they are doing and how they are reacting to the opposition and vice versa.

I tend to highlight a number of players by clicking and control clicking on their names during a game, but this only lasts as long as the ball is in play and when it goes out I normally have to re-click again.

I was wondering if a feature could be added that would allow me to right click on a player and have a little coloured circle appear around him that will last the duration of the game, until I removed it, AND that would also highlight him on the radar better too. I'd like this for all players on the field along with the ability, at least, to pick two colours, one for my team and another for the opposition.

Of course, this can be seen on most football pundit review programs now........



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