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Can you replace the graphics of a team with the ones from another team


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I will start by saying that I am a big Barcelona fan, however when it comes to football manager, my true passion is managing in the lower leagues. I have brought Eastleigh in the Premier league before, and I intent to do so in FM 2013 as well.

So i thought of a quick fix: replace Eastleigh's colors and kits with Barcelona's.

Changing the kits for 2D and 3D was quite easy, and that is working fine for me. I could not however find how to change the color of the title bar to reflect Barcelona's color, or the color under the name of the team under match view, as well as the color of the shirts under the tactical management screens. If its not clear enough what I am talking about, I can post some screenshots.

Any ideas if these can be changed and how?

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