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Help with my tactics - how can I improve it?

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I edited this OP because I have developed a new tactic (although same formation) but still look for advice as it is not working as good as I wish it would be. I read a lot on tactics in this forum the last days and I also studied some popular tactics from here. This time, I wanted to keep it simple, using the TC and leaving the most indivual instructions unticked.

My basic tactic settings are this, as I said most individual boxes are unticked:


As I want to create different kind of chances (seems very important with the new ME), my wingers have different roles, so that I have crosses, shots from the right and passes into the box from the middle. I work with a cover-stopper DC duo, the cover DC is more or less a sweeper without a direct opponent to mark and my DM will fill in for him if needed, so I have practically one spare man at the back.

I struggled to keep possession so I set my keeper to deliver the balls to one of the outer defenders. I already like the way my team plays but the problem is that I barely create any chances, I think a lot of users can refer to the problem of defenders simply hoofing the ball right to the opponents keeper or your own players passing the ball around the box without trying to play through balls or shoot. I therefore set the longshot-setting for my offensive 4 to 'sometimes'.

Since I am a fan of an asymmetrical approach, it looks more like this on the pitch:








The players in red build my offensive diamond and the players in blue should primarily be defending.

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With an attacking style, more direct passing and wing backs paired with wingers on attack duty it looks like you run the risk of being outplayed in wide areas...

Your setup now will be a 4-4-2 with high wings in defense and a 2-4-4 in possession, which implies weakness against wide counter-attacks...

Particularly in FM13's ME it looks like extreme styles and slider settings are less effective than they used to be. Playing an attacking style seems more intended for chasing results than for playing the full ninety.

You say you've ticked quite some individual boxes, but please show them as screens, so more people can learn from it. People won't always download your tactic, but will want to learn from these kind of threads anyway.

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Thanks for your input and sorry for the late response. After changing almost anything I could think of in the last days (watching full matches, untick all indivual instructions, converting to classic, trying several new approaches concerning passing and movement, setting my wingers to man mark the oppositions wingers so that they help out at the back) I decided to have a go at the most famous FM13 tactics from the forum (Fight For Athena 3, Return Of The King, Mr Hough, Hydra...). Unfortunately I'm not able to win 2 matches in a row with any of these. This being Rosenborg, the best team in the Norwegian league.

I would have long given up on FM if I didn't love the game so much. I have played FM11+12 for more than 3000 hours (125 complete days in the last 2 years!), so I'm not a newbie or tactical illiterate either but I find myself getting battered 6-0 by Hönefoss and 3-0 by Milsami (some side from Moldova in the EC first qualification round). This is so painful. I'm sorry, I usually don't whine about stuff like that, bad runs of form happen, agreed.

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