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Creating Spain to Level 5 - Subdivisions


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I am trying to expand Spain to level 5. The Tercera division(level 4) works perfectly but thats due to the leagues for it already being in the game.

Setting level 6 is proving to be quite harder. I need to create several new divisions as the league at that level is regionalised with each region having different rules. My Problem is that Im trying to create for example the Galicia regional leagues.

The League is split in two, North and South with the winners and runner up being promoted to the Tercera Group 1. I have tried creating Galicia as a total new division as well as a sub-division in a division I called regional leagues, but neither are working well. The Galicia I created doesn't come up on the Sub-Divisions list.

My other idea is to create each region as an individual league with groups if it has them, but I do not think the game will allow one league to relegate to several different leagues.

Any ideas or advice

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