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Options notebook power for better processing of fm 2013

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Hi friends, I wonder at:

Control Panel \ System and Security \ Power Options has 3 options

- Balanced

- Low

- High

My computer is set to balanced option (recommended by HP), would put the issue high on? And improve the processing of FM 2013? I'm afraid to cause any problems in my notebook, someone could inform me?

I have claimed much of fm 2013 on the question of passage of days, the slow processing in relation to FM 2012.

A hug!

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You've asked around 5 times now friend...

It's up to you really...

High will use the battery faster as it's using more resources to keep performance high

Low will keep performance down to save your battery power..

And yes, it will probably help somewhat with FM if it's on High.

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You havent mentioned which Operating system you are using but this is the description for W7:

Windows provides the following plans to help you manage your computer's power:

  • Balanced. Offers full performance when you need it and saves power during periods of inactivity. This is the best power plan for most people.
  • Power saver. Saves power by reducing system performance and screen brightness. This plan can help laptop users get the most from a single battery charge.
  • High performance. Maximizes screen brightness and might increase the computer's performance in some circumstances. This plan uses a lot more energy and will reduce the amount of time that a laptop battery lasts between charges.
    In my view, as long as you are connected to the mains and not running on battery, there would be little benefit from changing to high when running. FM

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My computer is an i5 - 2430M 2.40 GHz CPU 8 GB RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

I've always used the hp recommended balanced, this configuration that came with my PC.

So is it worth to put on high? Most people use it? I'm afraid of ruining your computer, although this configuration is that is why it can be used by the system.

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