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how to put pressure on opponents

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Hi everyone, the title says it all. I must admit I'm p*****d off right now because the AI now seems to have found another way to beat me which is hassle each and every of my players on the whole pitch with at least 2 of their own. What's more, even if their players are far far away from mine when these receive a pass, they close the gap very very quickly and again my players either stand there and lose the ball or play a bad pass. This happens to a point now where it is ridiculous. This especially happens on away games.

I have the best team in the league by a countrymile, so I thought, ok, tell you what, I will actually repay you like for like. but guess what, I am unable to replicate the AI team's behavior.

What I've tried

- hassle opponents shouts. Bear in mind I do generally not change individual player instructions so the should should work. Yet, my players still are too far away and before they jogged to the opposition player the other team already played 3 passes

- Press more - well, see above. With the added component that I'm now in addition to their one-touch football also killed by through balls over the top.

- Zonal marking, in combination with press more. Again, no change.

- push up more (in combination with any of the above)

- each and every mentality setting (in combination with all of the above shouts).

- I have also set up specific man-mark instructions with tight marking. No dice.

-opposition instructions to always close down : a) just their back 4, b) the whole team, Of course also tried combining this with the shouts.

NOTHING of the above will get me players to even remotely do what the AI club does every time they either a) play at home or b) don't at least draw

Then I thought, ok, they are moving the ball around very quickly and that will probably kill my chances to close them down.

Again, I tought "let's do that then".

What have I tried:

- removed shout "retain posession (default for my tactics)

- played "more direct"

- tried both, pass to feet and pass into space

- manually increased tempo and lowered time wasting.

- tried every available mentality setting

- "play narrower" and "play wider"

What frustrates me most is that for the AI, even their AML and AMR as well as their STC will chase my players to deep inside their own half. I am lucky if am AMC occasionally tracks back, even on bloody contain strategy. I have to basically set ma winders to man mark their wingers to make them help on defense, and my striker to man-mark their AMC.

I'm at a complete loss. I am told the AI does not cheat, but it just does not feel that way. As said, the AI will just change the style of play when it does not get the result it wants and their player swill do exactly what is needed until they score. Oh and they will score. Does not matter how. Lob over the top of my drop deeper, contain d-line with 2 DMCs covering? But of course. a run of their dribbling 11, pace 14 acceleration 13 winger from their own half right through the middle of my DCs with a perfect shot past my keeper? check. My keeper boxing a cross into his own net? Happened 1 times too often.

I'd like to know a couple of things:

a) what instructions do you use to

- replicate the "AI-type" pressing (which miracoulously also works in the area around their own box!)

- replicate the AI passing and movement (to actually make all the passing possible) - my players pretty much run into a preset position on the pitch and wait there for a passthere's no-one moving to provide a passing option. Yet, the AI teams constantly have players on the move. Their strikers drop deep to offer passing options (hell, I tried to play Neymar as a trequartista up front, but if you think he'd drop out of the line just once per game you're so wrong!)

My current setup for reference. No individual player instructions:

- GK - sweeper keeper - support

- DL - Full back, attack

- DCL - Ball-playing defender, cover

- DCR - ball-playing defender, stopper

- DR -Full-back, support

- DML - Defensive Midfielder, Defend - alternatively MCL - Central Midfielder, Defend

- MCR - Deep Lying Playmaker, support

- AML - Advanced playmaker, support

- AMC - Inside forward, attack

- AMR - inside forward, attack

- STC - Trequartista, attack or Deep lying forward, support

philosophy - balanced

strategy - control, occasionally counter against teams that stay too deep for my liking

passing - playeed "shorter" for some time, but now at default

creativity - more expressive

more roaming, other stuff is at default.

Any advice appreciated.

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Hi everyone, the title says it all. I must admit I'm p*****d off right now because the AI now seems to have found another way to beat me which is hassle each and every of my players on the whole pitch with at least 2 of their own.

Only read this part and then had to go..... but.... PASS INTO SPACE is your friend if they are really doing this.

If I am getting pressed I do one of two things. Either speed up tempo and try to make the chase the ball, but your team must be capable of doing this AND you have to be able to get passes off in time.

If they are closing down, but doing it slowly, then you can lower the tempo and this will drag them out of position as they committ to teh closing down.

But my first point stands. If they really are closing you down with two players either play AROUND THEM or through them (THroughballs).


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yea, I know I needed to vent somehow. Still facing the same problem. I can'T to save my life get my team to be as aggressive as the AI. What is really annoying - they can just flip a switch and here we go. Pass into space did not really help in the last match. Largely this is due to the fact that as I said my team plays too static. I tried setting my full backs to support / defend and my wingers to support. Still the same problem they stand at their positions and don't get a quick pass. If the guys pass (team overall has very high composure and there are only 3 players in the team with passing lower than 15) then it gets intercepted. quick tempo makes the latter worse (through balls do too) and slow tempo leads to my guys being tackled even more since they now will really just stand there and dwell on the ball. Next thing I'll try is removing hold up ball from my centre mids/ DM. Maybe that makes them less prone to just stand there. What I also find is that the teams seem to play a really defensive mentality (you see that when you actually are able to get an attack going and have 10 players run into the box, well 8 since the other 2 are chasing the guy around that has the ball), yet still press like hell. Another thing I cannot replicate. even when I go contain my wingers and striker will stay high unless I set them to specifically man-mark somebody.

There is a high amount of frustration in this since I'm now spending a lot of time watching most of the matches in full to see what'S going on and really look at the effects of my tactics changes in-match over 20,30 minutes. Yet I just don't see the difference, even when more than half of my team "looks motivated". Seems like the AI just auto-counters every tweak I make to devatating effect. Yet, I only have some stats and the visualy the ME is giving me. I get the feeling that the AI has visibility of my exact tactical setup (so exactly know wheather I play counter, contain, attacking, press more, play direct etc) and a built-in tactic selection tool that is known to neutralize the threats in the ME. Sometimes you strike lucky and get somthing the AI cannot neutralize with the players/tactics at it's disposal but it manages well enough to usually not allow you a big win.

How am I, as someone that only has the ME visuals that in my mind don't tell you enough about the AI tactics, and quite frankly neither the time nor desire to watch every match in full and analyze each match to the very detail, supposed to counter specific threats against a machine that for all I have seen seems to have far more information than I do?

I know I'm not a tactical genius but I've listened to every advice I've been given and even though I may not have initially liked it since it's not the philosophy I want my team to adapt/not the way my successful FC Bayern side plays IRL have really given about everything a try. Maybe I'm growing out of this beast, but I want the times back where you had a tactical setup, looked at some specific strengths and weaknesses of an opponent and tweaked accoringly and then only changed thinngs around for tougher opponent or to counter a specific threat on the field.

Player quality has little importance whatsoever. I really wonder why teams shell out a shedload of money each and every year to get new player in when every player can play one-touch pinpoint passes and close down every other player no matter the skill just if being told so. The way this currentlöy works I probably have as much chances at winning trophies managing Stuttgarter Kicker as I have with Bayern Munich.

This year it's more like you either micro-manage and tweak your tactics every 10 minutes or you inevitably lose, even if it's against a 6th division club. I'm going to wait for the next ME update to see whether I actually get my players to do more logical things and obey my rules more after it, but if at that point I still can't get my side to do the things that the AI does without a second thought then I'll be off to do something else. Barely touched NBA 2k13 so far or back to NG++ on Dark Souls...

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