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Score a goal & Concede one asap

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I read that people in forums confirm that in reality there are teams that score a goal right away after they concede one first. I don't doubt that but in FM13 it's worse than going to a casino and loosing a bet from the electronic pokie machine.

There are just too many people conceding goals straight away after they have scored first.

While watching my game in extended mode, my team scored. After they scored i go to change tactics so that i don't concede a goal but by the time i went to do that in a split second I ofc conceded a goal. Now this is being posted by many people and this rebound effect of the game is just way too high and needs to be trimmed down. I would say it happens too many times to be realistic with real life.

4 out of 10 games I conceded a goal right after i scored. Now is that realistic with for e.g. Barcelona in real life or Man Utd etc.

Seriously please tone down that setting and replace the guy who was to trigger happy in the first place.

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Your a manager, sort it out. It's not the match engines fault. Players determination attribute comes into play. If they scored, and then you scored right after you would say it's your tactics/determination right? Well it works the other way around mate. Why are people blaming everything on the ME? :/

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