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FM2013 Teamtalks, praising players half time

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Are we back to the old system where praising players at half time is a big nono? The players always get a green reaction, and "looked happy", but I end up getting decimated in the 2nd half most of the time, often costing me the game. I realize there is a certain bias going on with regression toward the mean, but still.. it seems I have better results if i encourage (or just leave the players alone) at half time.

I have been praising players when they do well against a strong opposition (especially when playing away). Are there other scenarios I should be using it instead?

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For me nothing changed since 2012:

pre-game: NO PRESSURE

half-time lead 1 goal: HAVE FAITH/ENCOURAGE

half-time lead 2+ goals: PLEASED

half-time draw against good team: UNLUCKY/ENCOURAGE

half-time draw/losing: UNHAPPY

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