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Need Help Picking Team to be?


Who to Be  

  1. 1. Who to Be

    • Dukla Prague
    • Slavia Prague
    • Viktoria Zizkov
    • FK Senica
    • MFK Kosice
    • Pecs
    • Minsk
    • FK Polatsk
    • Warta Poznan
    • Cracovia

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Right I am not one to pick a top team and win everything straight away, I like a challenge and tend to stick to clubs in Central Europe and Eastern Europe I have got 10 teams in mind and will list them and reasons why I fancy taking charge.

FK Senica- Slovakia- Right decent Slovakian team, in Euro Cup and a modest 4th finish expected. 130k available for transfers, big squad made up of a fair few decent players on loan and a few decent looking prospects. Star players Adam Varadi, Rolando Blackburn and Tomas Kona.

MFK Kosice- Slovakian team expected 7th finish, I know of them from there appearances in the Champions League when they lost to Man Utd 3-0 in both games, 21k transfer budget

no players really stand out but want to try and take them back to Champions League football.

Dukla Prague- Once famous Czech team would be looking at making them the biggest team in Czech Republic again, predicted 11th finish decent transfer budget of 318k and a good players in Jan Vorel and Tomas Berger.

Slavia Prague- As above really would like to take them back to biggest team in Czech Rep team decent all round squad but have struggled past few seasons. A good 400k transfer budget as well not that much investment is needed to the squad.

Viktora Zizkov- The forgotten team of Prague relegated to the 2nd division last season got a squad capable of promotion but would be a work in progress to get them up to standard of rest of 1st division if promotion was achieved. A good 238k available for new players.

Pecs- Hungarian 1st division team mid table team a nice mixture of players not major tteam in Hungarian and would look to change that. No transfer budget but lots of available wage budget.

Cracovia- Recently relegated to Polish second division use to be a big team in Poland in the 20s and 30s but silverware dried up in the 40s and not seen much since. Good squad which should easily gain promotion and not would be needed to challenge the bigger clubs in the country. A transfer budget of 200k available also.

Warta Poznan- Have the best looking chairwoman going in Izabella Łukomska-Pyżalska, another team who had there best years in the 20s and 30s but been in 2nd division for some time have a good mixture of old and young players and with a few signings should be able to challenge for promotion only 20k transfer budget available.

Minsk- Play second fiddle to Dinamo Minsk only been around 6 years, would look to make them number one in Minsk then Belarus have a team more then capable of mounting a challenge on the league but then most the teams in Belarus are evenly matched. Have a good mixture of young and old. Also have the advantage of playing at the National Teams stadium so have a decent 40,000 stadium.

FC Polatsk- Belarus second division team small squad but have a delightful prospect in Maxim Kotovich a 19 year old who could be a Belarus future star.

So there we have it

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