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The Journeyman's A-Z of Europe


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With inspiration from Makoto Nakamura's win every competition in every country game thread, i've decided to take on a similar, albeit less extreme version of this challenge and aiming to win every competition in Europe, probably finishing (if ever) with the Euro's international competition.

Link to Mokoto Nakamura's thread

I'll be starting up unemployed and with Sunday League rep on a large database with only Austria loaded up initially. I'm thinking of loading the leagues letter by letter, so when i get to 'B' i'll load up the 5 different 'B' nations etc.

Manager Profile

I'll fill you in with the next update when i manage to find a job. There are currently none available in Austria.

Edit: Just holidayed a year and had no job offer, might loads up one or two of the 'B' nations as well to give me a better chance of a job... added Belgium and Bulgaria which means the only 'B' nation not yet loaded is Belarus.

Career so far

Year      Country   Team                League                         Position   Other

2012      N/a       N/A                 N/A                            N/A        N/A
2013/14   Belgium   ROC Charleroi       3rd Division B                 4th        Playoff Quarter Finalists
2014/15   Belgium   ROC Charleroi       3rd Division B                 1st        Champions Playoff Winners
2015/16   Belgium   ROC Charleroi       Second League                  4th        Promoted as Relegation Playoff Winners, Belgian Cup Qtr Finalists
2016/17   Belgium   ROC Charleroi       Pro League                     10th       European Place Playoff Group Stage
2017/18   Austria   FC Wacker Innsbruck Premier Division               3rd        Qualified for EURO Cup
2018/19   Austria   FC Wacker Innsbruck Premier Division               SACKED
2018/19   Bulgaria  Minyor (Pernik)     "B" Group                      5th        Took over late March
2019/20   Bulgaria  Minyor (Pernik)     "B" Group                      2nd        Promoted, Qtr Final of Bulgarian Cup
2020/21   Ireland   Ireland             WC Qualifying                  3rd        Ongoing
2021/22   Austria   SK Sturm Graz       Premer Division                3rd        
2022/23   Austria   SK Sturm Graz       Premier Division               1st        Champions, Austrian CUp Winners
2023      Austria   Lustinau 1907       First Division                 Resigned   Left after 7 games
2023/24   Belgium   AA Gent             Second League                  4th        Took over after 11 games
2024/25   Belgium   AA Gent             Second League                  1st        Champions
2025/26   Belgium   AA Gent             Pro League                     6th        5th in Champions Group, Qualified for EURO Cup
2026/27   Belgium   AA Gent             Pro League                     3rd        2nd in Champions Group, Semi-final of Euro Cup, Qualified for CL
2026/27   Belgium   AA Gent             Pro League                     3rd*       *Left in March after 29 games

Countries Complete

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After a year of searching i finally got my first job offer in Belgium with ROC Charleroi. They are newly promoted into this division and operate at a professional level, however the club has no staff and all players are currently on amateur contracts so it will certainly be a tough challenge at the start. We're predicted 3rd in the league as well so theres a bit of pressure on from the start.


Squad-Not really sure of the standard yet as i have no staff to tell me!

Finances- not looking bad for a team at this level

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Preseason 2013/14


A Mixed bag of results in preseason but i expected that due to the sheer amount of incoming players we had. We also played a couple of top teams so it was a good learning experience for the players. I'm pretty confident going into the actual league season given the player i've got and the results so far.


Part 1 - Part 2

Turns out that the whole squad i inherited wasn't that great and we were able to attract some great talent for this level. In fact most of the players i signed are or have the potential to be Second league players so if that's anything to go by we should walk the league. We're about 1k under our 24k wage budget which is a bonus given i probably have too many players.

There are a couple of players who look quite exciting and should really run riot in this league;

Amusan - A quality young poacher who could easily be playing in the division above, he bagged 3 goals in pre-season but i expect more from him in the League. Hopefully he can be our striker for years to come.

Charlie Van Der Ouweland - Great little midfielder with plenty of experience, had a great pre-season and hope he can carry it into the league.

Ugur Yildrim - An experienced winger past his physical best. His technical ability from set pieces however, is incredible. He should be a real danger in this league and i expect plenty of assists from him.

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Best of luck with this Jack! You seem to have brought in a completely new team, hope they gel in time for the league.

Cheers, the new team was more out of necessity rather than what i wanted to do. There's definitley going to be a bedding in period.

August 2013



We started the season with the 3rd and 4th Round of the Belgian cup, winning the first with relative ease before crashing out to a 1-0 defeat at home in a match we dominated. It's quite disappointing to go out at such an early stage as i'd like to get some kind of monetary rewards in the later rounds whilst also giving game time to the backups. On the other hand it gives us time to focus on the league, which again we were pretty shaky in. We suffered a narrow defeat on the opening day after a poor performance but bounced back with a solid away win.

Hopefully in September the team can continue to gel and in doing so will improve their performance and results.

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September 2013



Bit of an annoying month this, we got hit with alot of injuries including both of our keepers meaning i had to field a greyed out player in goal for the crucial game vs La Louvreire. Add to that the fact that we had 5 players injured against Diegem and our squad is starting to wear thin! Nonetheless we are still fighting to be near the top of the table and have a great defensive record so far. The early signs are that Woluwe are definitely the team to beat.

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October 2013



Injuries are really starting to take their toll on the team, we have 7 in total with 6 of those players who i consider starters, they have hit our midfield the worst with 2 CM's and 3 wingers all out, as well as our star striker. As such our form has started to drop this month, dropping silly points at home against Gelmis and losing against Grimbergen in our worst performance of the season.

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November 2013



A better month for us this as we had almost all of our important players return from injury. We actually dropped to 8th place after the defeat early on in the month but a good win steak has put us back in contention again and we gained 2 points on top spot to put us 8 points behind with 18 games left.

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December 2013



A short month in terms of matches this month as we enter the mini winter break. Overall is was decent in terms of points picked up but for me, the hope of winning the league has gone after the defeat to Woluwe. The scoreline was a bit unfair to us in that match as we condeded all 3 goals in the last 15 minutes as i pushed for an equaliser, but now 11 points behind just over half way through the season, Woluwe don't look like stopping their incredible form.

One worrying sign as we come up to January is our financial state. We are losing around 100-150k per month which is completely unsustainable for a club at this level, so much so that the board are now telling me we have to sell players in order to make up some of our debt. I'm not sure how long the club can keep up with losing this amount of money but if it does start to impact the player's i can buy then i'll have to consider whether its worth leaving and trying my luck at another club.


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January 2014



A month of pretty poor performances from us this time, despite picking up 4 points and gaining a point on 1st. Our draw against Fleurus wasn't great and we we lucky to beat lowly Patro Eisden. Our only defeat of the month came to Le Louviere in which we were unfortunate enough to lose it in the 90th minute, the win meant they took top spot, a win there would have put us right back into the title race.

No players came or left during January but i did manage to organise a couple of free transfers for the end of the season, however, the current financial situation is giving me very little leeway in terms of bartering contracts with players.

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February 2014



A poor month for us as we only pick up 6 points from 4 games. We suffered an embarrassing defeat to Deigem which seemed to really hit team morale. The defeat to Oudenaarde only made morale worse as we dropped down into 4th place with any slim title hopes gone. Had we won those matches we could still have been in with a shout as the top 2 also dropped points but its not to be this year. I've tried changing tactics but it had little effect on our performance, i think i'll spend the last part of the season deciding who i want to keep and get rid of as the finances are in really bad shape.

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March 2014



Another poor month of results for us as we continue to drop off the pace of the teams in front of us. The draw against Union SG was a disappointing performance, the defeat to Virton less so as we were down to 10 men for the majority of the match. With 5 games left in the season we may just manage to get into 3rd place and the playoff's but i'm not too bothered about that as i'm already focusing on next seasons plans to win this league.

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April 2014



An unbeaten month and 7 points from 9 has put us back in the playoff places with 2 games remaining. We recorded an important win against playoff rivals Woluwe Zaventem and morale seems to have recovered slightly. Unfortunately if we do get promotion via playoff's it doesn't technically count as winning the league so i would still have to come back and win it which is why i would like to not go up this year then really go for it next season.

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May 2014

Part 1



Our final 2 matches were both poor performances and we dropped down to 4th place on the final day of the season. What i didn't realise was that we still went into the playoff's. Our chances aren't looking great however, as we have drawn Woluwe who are a very difficult team to play against.

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2013/14 Overview

Olympic Charleroi


Past Positions

Finished 4th

Lost in Playoff Quarter Final

It wasn't a bad season from us by any means but as one of the few fully professional teams in the league i was expecting a bit more. Not sure whether it was our tactics or our player but we didin't score enough when you compare us to other teams in the league. Our defence on the otherhand was very good and one of our strong points.

Hopefully next season, with a few new players in i can really push for the title next season or at the very least, be more involved in the fight for top spot.


Part 1 - Part 2

Nothing different than the beginning of the season, a complete overhaul. Hopefully next season will bring more stability and better performances.


Season's Finances

Our finances are insecure and we're over 1million in debt, our projected balance doesn't make pretty reading either. The problem for the club is that we are just too big for this division, our wages are far too high for this division but it's the only way we can attract the players to get promoted. My worry is what will happen to the club and staff if we do go into admin.

Key Players

Steven Vandenbergh - As predicted at the beginning of the season, this guy was a rock at the back when all those around him were playing badly. He led from the back as club captain and was one of the main reasons for our solid defensive record.

Paco Sanchez - Had a great start to the season playing in the attacking midfield role behind the striker. Faded as the season went on, partly due to injury but still managed a respectable 6 goals 9 assists in 32 apps.

Dave Huymans - A consistent and ever present performer in our midfield. Only got 3 goals 4 assists but he was the man who done the dirty work in the centre of midfield which allowed Ouweland more freedom.

Aims for next season

Push on and compete for the League title

Stabilise finances as best as possible

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Preseason 2014/15

ROC Charleroi


Some very good results pre season Malaga aside, even against Malaga we still manage to put up a fight. I was particularly impressed with our win over Juve reserves. It sets us up well for the coming season, with results like these i full expect to be near the top of the table, especially with top 2 from last year gone.


We've had our budget cut from around 24k per week to just over 19 due to our finances, despite this, i've still managed to bring in a few quality players, even if it does mean we are 7k over our budget. I am trying to sell 3 big earners (1.4k p/w) but i'm having a hard time shifting them, i've had offers but they wont agree terms so for now im stuck with them.

Players to Watch

Mickael Le Bihan - Rated good enough for the pro league so something of a coup for this club, he certainly looked the real deal in preseason so im hoping he can help to boost our attack which was lacking somewhat last season.

Vincent Janssen - Young striker with great finishing, first touch and acceleration for this division, should provide a bit of competition up front but in my eyes he is a backup at the moment.

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Still good given how many changes you had to make.

Hopefully this season, with slightly more stability i can push for the title.

Shame in the play-offs. Hopefully you can build and push on.

Yeah was hoping to put up more of a fight but i wasn't overly disappointed as my goal is to win the division.

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August 2014



A decent start to the season for us, we had a great win in the 3rd round of the Belgian Cup but went out in the 4th to a second division team. The scoreline was a bit harsh as we were down to 10 men for the majority of the match. The other downside to that game was that Amusan got an injury that keeps him out for 4-5 months. Fortunately Janssen and Conrad have stepped in perfectly and are already bagging goals in the league so i have no worries there.

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September 2014



An unbeaten month for us that sees us sitting in 1st place by a point. We had a slow start to the month with 2 draws in a row, although we were rather unfortunate in against Oostende as we had 10 men for a lot of the match. Our attacking play seems much better this season and we are scoring more goals, as predicted, Janssen is doing really well up front with Conrad proving to be a decent 3rd choice ST too. Le Bihan is also proving to be a superb addition to the squad having already contributed 3 goals and 3 assists in 7 matches, just need to make sure he stays fit.

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October 2014



We won every match this month and kept our unbeaten record in the league. We qualified for the playoff's after winning the first phase of the season but on current form we won't need it. After 11 games we already have a 7 point lead at the top and the team is playing some great football both in attack and defence.

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November 2014



We just about made it 12 wins in a row this month which is both a club and division record. However, our wins this month were less emphatic and we left it very late to score the winner in 3 of the 5 matches as the players became that bit more complacent. Nonetheless, we still sit 13 points clear at the top and it looks like title is ours to lose, even this early on in the season.

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December 2014



Still unbeaten with a 13 point lead but we lost our winning streak just before the winter break with a 0-0 draw to lowly Harelbeke. Our win over Ooudenarde was one of best performances in a long time and made a change from the edgy last minute wins we had become accustom to.

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January 2015



Only managed the one win this month which has cut our lead the top the to 9 points. Think the pressure of the unbeaten run is starting to get to the team, in a way i think it'd help to lose. Hopefully we can regain some good form going into the last part of the season just to make sure we win the league that bit easier.

One problem i'm having off the pitch is that our wage budget has been cut once again to just 16k per week, our wage costs are 28k per week so this is obviously causing a problem. What i'm most worried about is the renewal of some of our top players contracts. I'm having to include some pretty big promotion/yearly wage rises in order to counteract the fact that i can't offer them as much.

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February 2015



It was a decent month for us up until the defeat at the very end. I tried out a new formation with wingbacks which at first seemed to be succesful as we went 2-0 up. However, the team seemed to fall apart as the game went on, conceding 3 times which is a rarity this season. Nevertheless, we are still 11 points clear as we come up to the end of the season so the title looks like its heading our way.

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March 2015



Just the two games this month with 4 points picked up. We had a great 4-1 win over Lyra as expected but we struggled against Tournai and had to rely on a late own goal for the point. We still have a solid lead of 9 points with 5 games left so the title is still ours to lose.

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April/May 2015



Not a great finish to the season but we made it in the end, winning the league after the draw with Virton. The team now goes in the Champions Playoff against the team from Third Division A which came as a surprise, hopefully we can beat them and still make it up to the next division.

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2014/15 Overview

Olympic Charleroi

Finished 1th

Won Champions

4th Round Belgian Cup

A great season for us
, finally winning the title. I
t was the first
half of the season that really done it for us, we wen
t unbeaten for around 24 games and had a
9-13 point bumper. Unlike last season, our
attack was a
lot better whilst our
remained as solid as ever. We were also able to beat the Champions from the Third Division A which was a bonus. My biggest challenge next season will be holding onto
our players and improving the squad.

Once again we went out of the Bel
gian Cup in the 4th round.

Alot less signings than last year as it
was about adding quality rather than quality. It paid off as we w
on the league but we are 11k over our wage budget and i'm finding it
hard to renew
about half the teams contracts that are up at
the end of the season, so unless i get a bigger budget in the
league it could
be another


Season's Finances

ially the club is in a real bad place and i can't see that changing anytime soon as i doubt there is that much money in the Bel
gian second divi
sion. Our wage budget was slashed from 24k to 16k which has made the task of brin
ing in player that much harder.
I really hope that we don't go into administration.

Key Players

- I was hesitant about si
gning this guy at first but i'm very gla
d i did. Originally intended as a backup
, he slotted straight into my back four and played a vital part in the
centre of def
ence pickin
g up 7 POTM awards.

kael Le Bihan
As predicted at the beggining of the season, this guy was a vital part of my
attack and one of the main reasons we were so much better than last sea
n. He had a
of a bad spell near the end
but still managed 10 goals and 13 assists.
The only problem i have is that h
is contract is almost up
and it'
s very diff
icult to get him to stay.

-Another who i predicted great things of at the start of the season, he managed to become my first choice striker after Amusan became injured
, but even after that he managed to hold onto it.
He fired us to the title with 20
goals in 32 apps.

Aims for next season

Top half finish in the league

Try to avoid going further into debt

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Preseason 2015/16

ROC Charleroi


A solid pre season with some promising results, my main focus was on getting fitness and morale as high as i could and that's been achieved so i'm satisfied.


Lots of ins and outs this summer. Unfortunately we lost Le Bihan and i'm sure we'll come to regret it but we have managed to bring in some quality players elsewhere. We also managed to get rid of Conran, who was 4th choice ST for 20k which goes back into paying off our huge debt. I've also managed to bring down the wages total from 28k to 17k per week so i'm sure that, along with some small TV money will help to balance out the losses per month.

One thing i have just discovered is the fact i need 6 Homegrown players in my squad for every match, of which i have about 3 so potentially i could be screwed over there and i need to desperately find some cheap benchwarmers.

Players to Watch

McCauley Smith - An incredible signing for this level, he has leading Premier ability and potential and looks like he could be a real asset this season. My 2 American coaches helped him settle in too which should mean no problems in that respect, although i'd imagine he'll be wanting a bigger club sooner or later.

Ivan Khoumukha - An impressive young Russian CB who already has bags of ability. His teamwork and workrate stats are particularly impressive and i should imagine him becoming a key part of my defence.

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August 2015



A decent start to the season so far. We've made some good progress in the Cup, making it to the 6th round, but with the teams we've played so far that is to be expected. In the league we look like we're able to hold our own. We suffered a narrow loss to Lommel Utd but managed a great win over Dessel. Amusan has started the season in great form but the problem of 6 homegrown players has meant that i'm player some players who aren't actually the best in my team but i guess that's my own fault and shortsightedness.

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September 2015



We've had a relatively easy start to the league but we're managing to pick up the points which is important. This month was great for us as we went on a 5 match win streak carried over from last month. The defeat to Westerlo was expected as they are a far superior team but i'm pretty impressed by the way we've started the season.

On the finances side, we're only losing around 60k per month at the moment which of course is alot better than the 150-200k we were losing last season. Just need to try and turn that into profit now.

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October 2015



A good month for us sees us retain 3rd place in the league. The defeat to a 10 man Bossu was very disappointing but we improved as the month went on and managed a great win over Pro League side Vise and a great second half comeback against Antwerp. My only worry is that if we do go into administration and have a 10 point deduction, where we will end up and what will happen to squad morale.

Great way to start the month


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November 2015



An awful month for us in which we didn't register a single win. We played some of the teams lower down in the league but put in atrocious performances which led to a slump in morale, making it difficult to get results. The one bright note of the month however, is that fact that we are in the Quarter finals of the Belgian Cup after somehow beating Pro League side Zulte Waragem on penalties.

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December 2015



A better month from us this time as we picked up 5 points from a possible 9. Morale still isn't great but it is improving and we're still in a decent position in the league. We're not going to be challenging at the top this season but we should be able to consolidate a good mid table finish. We suffered a heavy defeat in the Belgian Cup Quarter Final first leg, but being away to a good Pro League team i think that was expected.

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January 2016



7 points from 12 this month which was a bit disappointing given the teams we played. I thought we should have got something out of the Sint Nicklaas match but we put in a poor performance. On a positive note, we've managed some big wins this month which shows that our attacking unit is working well, i'm rotating all 3 of my strikers who are fighting for just one place in the team and they all generally seem to get goals.

We were unlucky to lose 3-2 in the second leg of the cup, we were 2-1 up but we went down to 10 men in the first half then conceded a third in the very last minute. The match helped us massively financially as we broke our record gate receipt and got 80k from that match alone.

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February 2016



Not a bad month by any means, we managed to go unbeaten. Our best result of the month was a narrow 2-1 win away to Westerlo who sat in 3rd place, this put us up to 4th. However, the final 2 games of the month were both rather poor 0-0 draws when in reality we dominated and should have won them both. With 7 games left the title is obviously out of our reach but we still have the possibility of making the playoff's which would be an impressive end to our first season in the division.

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March 2016



We dropped down into 5th after a poor defeat against Tubize. The rest of the month was a very entertaining one as we picked up a 6-2 and 5-1 against 2 of the leagues bottom feeders. If we could get these results on a more consistent basis then i'm sure we'd be challenging for the top spot, hopefully we can pull that off next season.

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April 2016



A solid end to the season with the only blip being a silly defeat to Eupen. In the end we finished a clear 4th which i'm very happy with, we now go into the Pro League relegation group which consists of around 6 games. Should we win that we'll get promoted but i'd rather stick it our in the Second league another year as i feel we have a real chance of winning it next season.

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Relegation Playoff 2016



We won Promotion! This came as quite a shock as we managed to go unbeaten throughout the whole group, relying mostly on counter attacking football. We got impressive draws against Brugge and slightly disapointing draws against STVV, the second of which we conceded in the 92nd minute. It was against Westerlo that we got our best results, beating them both home and away including an 85th minute winner to send us up.

The dilemma i have at the moment is the fact that this doesn't count as winning the league and therefore i still need to win the Second Division at some point. I'm yet to renew my contract at Charleroi and i'm wondering whether it'd be worth going to another country for a season to try and win a different league, then if Charleroi go down, come back and try and win the league with them.

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2014/15 Overview

Olympic Charleroi


Relegation Playoff Winner

Belgian Cup Quarter Final

A really solid season for our first up in the Second Divi
sion. We mana
ged to sneak into the playoff places at the end of the season and
won that aswell, gaining
a shame we weren
't a bit more consistent as i
think we could
have challen
ged for the tit
le given the way we were playing at times, our
attack was superb as highlighted by out GD and the fact we scored the most goals in the league, we were just hampered by a
dip in form mid-season where we dropped too many points to teams lower down.

We made it the the Q
uarter Finals of the Cup this season where we lost to Zulte W
aragem, on the way there we managed to beat one other P
ro League team.

Quite a few players coming and and going out as predicted last year. I managed to cut around 10k off the wage budget through players leaving which makes this seasons accomplishments even more impressive. Once again i was unable to find a good enough keeper for my first team so for the 3rd season in a row i was having to loan in both of my keepers. Hopefully next season i can actually find a 1st choice keeper, i think its going to be a big challenge finding any players who are good enough for the Pro League given our small budget.


Season's Finances

We went into administ
ration this season and came out with a
2.1 million
loan which we are paying back in
£12k installments per month for the next 15 years.
, with our finances a little bit more stable than last year we can increase our wage budget so w
e can afford to b
ring in better players.

I do have concerns over wage increases this summer because o
f our
Alot of the ren
ed contracts had large p
romotion increases simply because i didn
't expect it this year so i'll have to monit
or that closely.

Key Players

- I thought he would play a big part in how our season wen
t and i was right, this gu
y was a rock at th
e back, playing in almost every match and
ill has improvement left in
i'd expect him to s
till be in my first 11 ne
xt season.

One of my first signing
s at
eroi and still going strong
. He d
ipped in and out of form this season due to
n of player
s but still managed 17 goals in 23 apps which played a huge part in our league performance. I'
ve also managed to get his wages down quite alot com
red to what
they were originally which is a bonus.

-Signed during the panic rush for Homegrown players but played a key role on the left wing. He was a bit inconsistent but on his day he was superb and managed 8 goals, 14 assists in 39 games.

Aims for next season

Try not to get relegated

Reduce debt

I think that
next season will be my last at Charleroi providing we don
t get relegated.
If i can get them to be a safe
Pro League te
am then i'll be happy b
ut i do fancy going out and trying another country for a change. Shou
ld we get relegated then i will stay and have another crack at becoming the Champions of the Second divi
sion, providing i'm not sa

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Preseason 2016/17

ROC Charleroi


Screwed up pre season as my assistant only organised one friendly which left me panic organising a few at the last minute. No doubt this will hinder our start to the season, at least the results were positive.


Kept the squad largely intact, adding few new players for extra quality needed at this level. Our wage budget increased to 23k per week and i'm just over it at 24k. I did finally manage to bring in a couple of keepers but neither are that great, fortunately one counts as homegrown which leaves me more space to field better foreign players.

Players to Watch

Florian Bonnefoy - Young midfielder just released from France, already rated as one of the better players in the squad and has the potential to be huge in this division.

Gustave Ebongue - Another youngster released from France, this time a RB. Has great physical stats, work rate and some decent defensive stats too so should be a solid addition to the defence. Like Bonnefoy, he has the potential to be a very good player.

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