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Is this a bug?

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So I started a game with Wigan and lost my first 3 matches against Aston Villa, Tottenham and Arsenal. The following match was against Manchester U. and I won 5-2, although Rafael got a red card I was already up 3-0. I know this things happen IRL but to trash them like this. They were in first place.


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imagine if some third divison part time spanish side beat real madrid 4-0 in the spanish cup on fm when real madrid had players like Ronaldo, Higuain etc in the side? That would never happen in real life, would report that one as well...

or if Novara beat Inter 3-1 in serie a? I would probably demand a refund!

Now all I need is this to happen and I will be convinced

Sorry to be so sarky but watch a bit of football mate, see that upsets happen and enjoy your game and celebrate a top win :)

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