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Setting points for winning and drawing to 0


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Hi there guys,

I want to edit the database but I'm finding limitations in the editor. Here's the idea I want:

I want to create a league where there are no points awarded for winning or drawing a game. All clubs stay on 0 points throughout the season. Instead, the league is based on goal difference. The higher your goal difference, the higher your position in the league. This will mean the importance of winning a game 6-0 instead of 4-0 is bigger then winning 2-1 instead of drawing 1-1. I believe this will support more attractive football and thats why I want to try it. However, the editor only shows the option for changing the amounts of points that are awarded for winning, which ranges from 2 to 6. Does anyone know if there is still an option to use my idea? If not, I would really like to ask SI to implement this in the editor sometime in the future.

Thanks in advance

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You could try manually adding "points for a win", "points for a draw" and "points for a loss" lines into the xml file using notepad. I'm not very good at explaining things, but if you look in the xml you should be able to figure out how these commands work. There's a lot of xml commands that can be used with the basic editor that aren't selectable in the editor(for instance, you can do things like make league games go to extra time or a shootout), but can be manually inserted.

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Thanks, that worked for getting "point for a win" to 0. Everyone is still getting points for drawing though. If I can figure out a way to eliminate draws, like making league games going to shootouts, this could actually work. Do you know how to do this Dave Fairbairn? When i finish this and finish testing, i'll let you know

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yeah, the first thing i tried was:

<string id="points_for_win" value="0"/>

<string id="points_for_draw" value="0"/>

that didn't work, points for a win was brought to zero but clubs where still receiving points for draws.

Then i tried:

<list id="match_fixture_rules">


<string id="match_rules" value="extra_time,pen"/>



But this didn't work either, matches aren't pulled to extra time and everything stays the same, still getting 1 point for drawing. Will try setting everything to 1 point (winning drawing and losing), in the morning, will keep this updated

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