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Two suggestions for the next FM

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Loving FM13 so far, its a good improvement on FM12. Though there are a couple of things I think this series would be better off featuring in the future, would like to see what other people think!

First, its a minor issue, but i think its a bit unrealistic even for the big clubs to be expected to challenge for the titles of the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup all in one season. As Man City i was asked to challenge for each of these titles. I came 2nd in the PL (only needed a draw and a win from my last 2 games to win it, lost them both >_>) although i won the CL but was knocked out of the 4th round of the FA Cup by Chelsea. I like that you are asked what league position you are going for (and i assume this alters the boards expectations, not just the budgets) i think it would be great if you were allowed to prioritise a cup as well. I would rather the board not give a crap about domestic cups so i could go full out on just the PL and CL titles and not worry about annoying them when i throw a second string team in the FA Cup and lose out to a League 1 club.

Second, and this is a bit more urgent imo, smaller teams seem to get by too easily in the Champions League. The semi finals of the 2012-13 CL in my game were Fenerbache vs Man City (me) and Anderlecht vs Braga. These lot knocked out favourites like Man U, Juventus and Bayern Munich in the quarters. Real Madrid didnt even get through their group. Thats really why i won it, i had it easy. I get the impression that the game needs to take into account a kind of "European competition experience" which in real life plays a big part. Just look at Man City in the real current competition. Confidence to perform well on the European stage usually takes years to develop. Its a different level of game to domestic competitions and should be handled by FM as such. A friend of mine also had a similar experience with more surprise results than you'd expect in the CL in his game which is why i assume its common. Would like to hear of other users CL experiences.


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