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Few goal opportunities. No dominance. No ideas.

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I'm trying to implement a 4-1-3-2 with Napoli:


GK(D): De Sanctis

WBL(A): Dossena

WBR(A): Maggio

CD(D): Cannavaro

CD(D): Campagnaro

DM(D): Inler

BWM(D): Behrami

AP(A): Hamsik

BBM(S): Dzemaili


P(A): Cavani

The idea was to take the game to the opposition, using a quick and lethal passing style. The width would be provided by my WBs, with Inler staying in front of the CBs. The other midfielders would come up front and play through balls sometimes/often.

Pandev should come deep and link the attack to the midfield, with Cavani as a poacher.

However, the results weren't so famous and I don't like the way we're playing:


Could you help me please? I'm having no fun whatsoever.

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My initial concerns are:

  • You are wasting Cavani's talents by having him as Poacher. Also... are you aware of what his PPM's is? If not, take a look and see if you think it complements or subtracts from a Poachers role.
  • Having a look at Padev, if you insist on playing a Poacher role, then I'd reverse these two.
  • However, I'd probably play with something like a DLF(S) and a CF(A) and have them swap with eachother.
  • Noone is really getting forwards to support your strikers. You midfield are on RFD mixed at best. Apart from a little less creative freedom, you might consider changing your B2BM to CM(Auto). On attack the auto will give you RFD often (though I can't comment on the player you have only the role).
  • Are you watching the game? and if so, are your wingbacks getting forwards quick enough? If not, you might consider mixed passing (which will generally take longer in the build up) or consider using HUB on one of the MCs (or two)
  • With the DLF and CF roles you should find that yuo can get some nice crosses into the box from wide and it would be nice to have an MC or two arriving lte for those.



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